WoW Secrets – Truth Behind the Scam

Maybe it was the promo video that got me thinking, maybe it was the idea of a guide full of videos that I could play in the background while I was playing that got me to dive in and buy the guide. Maybe it was a simple, I want to try something new. Over the last week I’ve sort of hit a road bump in gold making, that I didn’t pull in as much gold as I did the week before, I felt like a number of my markets had really suffer due to the end of the expansion coming and people now spending time in the Mist of Pandaria Beta.

Whatever the reason really was, the truth is, I listen and bought into ‘WoW Secrets’ which let me tell you, the only secret I learn was how shitting this guide is for 17 bucks… per month. That is right folks, 17 dollars per month. A monthly fee for a World of Warcraft Guide, this guide covers the latest patches, PVE, PVP, and Gold making, the video, which on the promotion page talk about how you can learn to farm items quickly and the best way to do them.

I’m aware of the fact that no item that as a % to drop can ever be 100% gotten just by following some guide’s steps. What I was lead to believe that this guide would give me a good route into doing this. A way to farm so that I might have a better chance at getting it, even know there is no way to beat the game’s RNG.

With that said, unlike the WOW Crusher guide I read about that said you could get such items 100% by doing their steps, and plus the fact it was proved that the guide was a scam, information was taken from other websites that offer the same information for free, word of word, etc.

I looked at the PVP section, nothing new at all, same with the PVE section with Dragon Soul and even with the gold making stuff they had, nothing new and most of the content was totally out of date for the current game patch.

What pissed me off more than anything was just how poorly the guide’s site was, how poor the information was given and how poor the video’s where. I expected that the videos would have someone talking, not text on the screen, and it really annoyed me to no end how poor the video’s were done.

There really isn’t much to really talk about, the guide really is just pure shit. I know that this is sort of rant/review but what I can say is simply stay away from the guide… and I’ve got to the point now where I’m working slowly on my own wow gold guide which I’ll release here for free.

I spoke to Jim from Power Word Gold about it and that was when I learned that the person who runs this guide, the guy in the video is the same guy who pick up JMTC and is the one behind the WOW Crusher scam. Well two things, this is what I get for not really looking into something before I bought it and not being smart about it.

I read all the information and no where in the page or video did it say it was a monthly fee, that it cost just 17 bucks, which to be honest Jim of Power Word Gold is selling a 100 page gold guide for about 20 bucks (he has a price range of 3-20 bucks you choose to pay, which I think it’s a really nice deal).

Overall, there is no secret in WoW Secrets other than it’s full of itself, the front page is well design and the videos to promote it are really nice too, but then the videos in the guide simply are so poor that watching them you can’t even learn anything. For example it has really bad music that plays which is just down right annoying.

My last overall thought, is that I really hope I get my money back, I hate to have to call the bank and put in a request to get my money back, don’t want to have to explain to them, if nothing else I’ll take the 17 bucks lost that I paid to get access, but I will not pay a damn monthly fee for such shit. The biggest disappointment however has got to be the fact the The Gold Queen supports this guide. After all I was on her website browsing it and saw a banner add for it, The Gold Queen is a respected member of the Gold Community, so how could I go wrong right? Sadly I could and this questions things now about her and what she’s all about.

You can take this short little post for what you want, I’ll go out and say do not buy a gold guide for World of Warcraft. You don’t need it, don’t be lazy all the information can be found out there for FREE and if you have questions you can always hit me up on Twitter @HunterMastery or you can email me, ask me on my live streams or post a comment here.

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  1. OMG you Saved me from an already deep entrenched fucking problem I’ve been paying 18 dollars since march! without knowing FUCK their guide does suck they were was no mentioning at all of this DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT

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