The Truth Will Set You Free

Today’s post was going to be about something I’m not very proud of, in fact so much so that I’ve down right deleted it and replace it with this post. Some of you, some of my readers, followers will think I cave in. That I let someone bully me and pretty much just didn’t do the right thing.

Which is not the case, there comes a time when you’re just out for yourself, to undo a wrong or simply to cause drama that isn’t needed. Maybe… I’m just too nice of a guy to be a real ass hole like that. Because let me tell you all something here and I’ll tell you what the post was about so you’re not all confused.

Affiliate Links

The post was about my affiliate link to Zygor guide, what followed was me seeing a tweet by Jim (@PowerWordGold) saying he didn’t like the growing trend that bloggers where using hidden affiliate links when they should be using a real link. In fact it was this post I posted on the 9th of this week. That is where you’ll find the link I had made.

Now I was under the idea that Zygor guide was a respected Leveling Guide and there would be no harm in me putting that link in, it wasn’t a random link, I wasn’t trying to sell anything. I was simply saying, hey I can do this, and this is how I do it. Is it wrong that I made some money if someone happen to click the link AND bought the guide? No I don’t think so. Truth is I haven’t seen any sales from it anyways..

The post was more of just a jealous rant about this and that and in truth, who the heck am I to really step on someone else like that? The more I started to think about it, the more I started to get this bad taste in my mouth.. and that is just not who I am. The post was just pure bull crap and if I had release it.. it would have destroyed any credibility I may have right now.

That is pretty much it, I wasn’t proud of the road it would have taken me. Some bloggers and they know who they are.. may think I’m being a big time chicken… but in truth I’m the bigger man. I’m being something called a man at least from where I came from it is. What it came down too, your word vs my word and those kind of fights never go anywhere.

In fact, it wouldn’t have changed anything but destroy this blog and my very own credibility. Which is important to me, this blog and my readers are important to me. I don’t know if you guys know this but all of you, from gold makers as well-known as Jim, Faid, Cold, Alto, The Gold Queen to the small ones, and there are SO many of you, I never could name you all.

The Truth

I started this blog because I wanted to prove to myself I could make a successful blog. It had nothing to do with money, in fact what money I do make will go right back into the costs and if I get over that I would give the money away in some shape or form. Maybe that is hard to believe, you know it’s always about the money in the end. I have to live too you know, long other things.

Right now, I’m moving.. by the time you’ve all read this I’ll have been on the road with no access to my blog or email, Twitter, Facebook or anything. I’ve met a wonderful woman who has changed my life.. in fact I don’t even know if I’ll be able to come back to blogging.. I’m more than likely end up missing out on Mist of Pandaria Launch. Do you all understand what that means?

A Journey’s End

For two months… going forward for 5 months now I’ve been working, writing post, preparing not only myself but trying to share with you all so you can make bank come MoP… and yet.. I might miss it because I made a live changing decision. Right now I’m not working, that is why I’ve had so much free time.. too much if you ask me.

I’ll be getting a full-time job to support myself and my friend I’m moving in with. Life is going to be very different..maybe I might get one day out of the week.. a few hours.. to sit down and play the game I’ve played for over 5 years now. It’s how life is, some of us are lucky.. and others are not. That is the truth.

What I had to say in that post.. was stupid, pointless and would have hurt everything I worked for and for what? Nothing.. no one gains anything out of drama and pointing fingers. I hope those of you who read this understand, be angry with me, rage remove me from your blogroll.. unfollow me.. call me names. In the end.. I’m a hunter, I’m a gold maker and I’m an honest person and I’m no cheat.

There wont be any more post this week, I had posts about professions I wanted to write.. but I sort of need access to the beta which I wont have. Maybe I’ll get a day to do this.. and I’ll get some content out to you all.. but please don’t count on it. I’ve made it so everyone who posts comments won’t have to be approved.. I hope the settings are working right so that you can all keep the discussion up.

If this ends up being my last post… there just isn’t enough white space for me to thank everyone.. this post I wrote a month ago is a good start. If this truly is the end for me.. in wow blogging.. I hope that the information I was able to put out, both for hunters and gold makers.. becomes timeless and that maybe it’ll help you all make millions, get that hunter to 90 and have some damn fun. Until next time, remember you’re all pro like that.

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12 thoughts on “The Truth Will Set You Free”

  1. Richard,

    First off I would like to thank you for putting out such frequent and interesting content. I came to find out about you late in your posting but I’ve been going back to read your old stuff. I’m very happy for you and your special person, it’s great to find that person that moves and changes you and if you’re moving a few days away it seems like she does both! I’m hoping that even if you can’t write with such frequency at least we can still hear from you on your experiences with MoP.

    With regard to the affiliate links, I went back to the post you made and clicked the link. I did notice that it was a ClickBank link, but I did not notice the problem. Clicking on the link brought me right where I expected it to bring me, to the guide, and if I understand correctly it logged that you sent me so that if I purchased a guide you’d get credit for the sale.

    What I want to know is what is the problem? if I’m on YOUR website reading YOUR post clicking on YOUR link to follow advice and go to a guide that YOU sent me to why shouldn’t you get credit for the purchase? I see no problem with you getting a small dividend when it has no effect on me whatsoever, the link doesn’t even behave differently!?

    In regards to Jim’s comment about hiding of the links being all shady: Coming from a guy that plugs his blog/live-stream/twitter/t-shirts/guide under the preface of “Support PW:G” you really have no right to judge how other people try to make profit from their posting considering all the revenue streams you have open on your blog alone.

    I support you 100% and obviously I don’t know what was in the other post but good for you for being able to recognize that you needed to approach your post from another angle. This post was objective and from the heart and I respect that.

    You’re a good guy and a great blogger and hopefully we see you around some time soon!


    1. The beef with the link wasn’t directed at me but in general. Either way at this point it doesn’t matter to me. You are right and I think many people are aware of how he does business. As you and many people have commented already, it is my website and I’ll do what I wish with it. Right now given I’m moving and everything, it really makes it hard for me to even get anything written.

      Thank you for kind words and comments Flarbish.

  2. Aren’t paid add on clearly against Blizzard TOS, last I checked although that may have changed. If so think you should perhaps informed your readers that doing so could put their accounts at risk.

    1. The TOS doesn’t allow you to sell addons. You can download the addon itself for FREE however, it wont do anything unless you buy their guide. They do have a level 1-20 free trial version of the guide you can use. So no its not against the TOS.

  3. I’m not sure what the issue is… But, hey Richard I started noticing your blog on the undermine journal and read some of your stuff. You have a definite style that noone else has. Some bloggers are full of themselves and think that they pave the way and everyone else ‘follows’ their lead. Do what you love to do and do what you must for real life’s sake. (Happy times leads to satisfaction and that’s what life is about.)

    If you haven’t noticed already, I’ll just say that most wow bloggers blog to sell guides. The freebie info is the lure. If you make a little money from a link…why not? I’m not a hunter. My main is a priest.
    The toon I will level first in MOP is a druid who picks herbs.

    I think hunters will have an edge in pet battle systems because they go ‘hunt’ pets to tame already.
    :D Anyway, I visit your blog for the hunter perspective and really did expect you to be a battle pet conniseur.

    I’ve bought the captured firefly and the geodes to sell in MOP. I’m super interested in knowing about battle pet composition and which pets to level first. Why? I plan to level some and sell them on the auction house.

    >Develop the Hunter theme and be like a hunter…

    1. In a nut shell the issue was I wrote a good solid post and place a link to paid Leveling guide. Jim from PW:G later that day made a rather annoying (to me at least) comment about how he didn’t like how some bloggers where placing shady links to guides, etc. He didn’t directly name me or my post and I spoke with him by email and to be frank with you about it. It does still seem like his comment came after my post which almost DID seem like a direct message to me and others.

      The matter itself is closed as far as I see it and too much BS has come up about it and with him and the things he does and what others opinions are about him and his blog. I’m not here to make war with anyone blog. As you can see I haven’t posted in a while and I haven’t even been in-game to make any new content for anyone who reads my blog so to be frank what he does or any other blogger does DOES NOT effect me.

  4. @Focus
    Dont worry dude the blog is good, and your good, every one has an opinion and sometimes they clash, being able to understand that makes u a decent bloke in my eyes.

    @Cheekymunkey ToS state that the addon cannot be pay for, and Zygors addon is free, its the specific guides that plug into the addon that aren’t, thus not breaking the TOS


    1. They do clash Gimp and the sad thing is and something I’ve learned many times over and over is one person can be your friend but if they can get a node over you and take lead they will do it. Whatever really was going on in Jim’s head he made the comment on twitter, if it was or wasn’t directed at me or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that my blog is good and my content speaks that.

      Sure I may not do livestreams, I may not have made a million gold in-game or even have a gold guide that I can sell and made a living off of. What matters is that I write content that will be here forever that people can read and forever look back on and learn from, think and understand.

  5. All the best to you sir! It’s the best decision you could have made and I commend you to it!

    P.S.: I’ll be looking forward to your comeback! They all come back in the end. Even with that special person at your side :)

    1. Comebacks are hard, I really hope to be able to play some what with MoP patch coming rather soon in the next week and then the release coming Sept. 25th. We’ll just have to wait and see how things go from this point on.

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