Transmog Friday: Flame of The Hunter

Today I bring you another issue of Transmog Friday! A little new this week, I bring you my original transmog set for my hunter before I switch to the one everyone sees, the Green Jungle Beast Set. This set is called “Flame of The Hunter” The set is mainly the Firelands set.

When 4.3 announced transmogrification, and I started to read more about it and understand just what it was, I was down right thrilled! At the time I was raiding Firelands with my guild and I had slowly been building up this set and using the Tabard, I looked pretty sharp in my book.

Flame of The Hunter Set

Head: Lightning Etched Specs
Shoulders: Flickering Shoulders
Cloak: Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape
Chest: Flamewaker’s Tunic
Shirt: Brown Linen Shirt
Tabard: Tabard of Summer Flames
Wrist: Hide-Bound Chains
Gloves: Flamewaker’s Gloves
Waist: Firearrow Belt
Leggings: Flamewaker’s Legguards
Boots: Decimation Treads
Weapon: N/A
Range: Ornate Khorium Rifle or Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix

The set itself is rather easy to collect. First off all you need is to run some 5-mans to collect enough Justice Points to buy the Tier 12 set off the vendor. You can get the legs, boots, chest and gloves this way. To get the belt, there may be a crafted or easier version to get. However the vendor requires that you raid Firelands. Which shouldn’t be hard to get a group to run it now a days.

The Tabard of Summer Flames is going to be the hardest to get. If you didn’t grab one this last summer, you’ll have to wait until the following Midsummer to grab one. Also there may be an issue where they change it coming next year making the Tabard of Summer Flames no longer in-game.

For the weapons you can use a number of bows or guns with a red theme. I liked best the Sunfury bow the best, but some people I understand like guns better. The cloak you can turn off or you can use the Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape which is an old level 80 vendor item you can also get rather easy.

Being I’m an Engineer, my head are goggles. You can if you’re not and Engineer always hide it or the Crown of Destruction which drops off Ragnaros from Molten Core, which can easily be soloed these days too.

What is your transmogrification set? Do you have a hunter? Submit your set to me to be feature in future Transmog Friday posts, you can do this a number of ways. You leave a comment on this post, you contact me using our online web from or you can send me a tweet on Twitter.

Remember to include a screenshot, a list of what items you’ve transmogrification too and/or an armory link if you don’t want to bother with making the list or taking a screenshot. In which case the screenshot will be made in WoW Model Viewer.

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