Top 10 Gold Making Tips

Earlier this week I went on twitter and ask if you could give one gold making tip, what would that be? I got a few pretty good replies. But first I think I’ll give you basically my short list of simple, easy gold making tips that every gold making can use. No matter what level of gold making you are.

Top 10 Gold Making Tips

  1. Buy Copper Rods from the vendors and sell for least 5g each.
  2. Buy Vendor Recipes, may I recommend you read my review of Faids Recipe Guide.
  3. Buy BoE items under market value and flip at a higher value. Example markets, Valor BoE, 77-80 Greens, Transmogrification.
  4. Vendor pets, they are near most major cities, they cost a few silver and you can flip them up to 10g or more.
  5. Cloth to bolts. This requires tailoring, it’s rather easy to buy cheap cloth and turn them to bolts and sell them for profit.
  6. Abyssal Shatter; I talked about this on Power Word Gold Episode 36. This requires you at least 450 Enchanting.
  7. Frozen Orb to Eternal; there is a Vendor in Dalaran that lets you trade Frozen Orb for other Wrath Orbs, Frost Lotus, etc. Check the price, if any one Eternal sells more than the Frozen Orb buy them and flip.
  8. Vendor items; Unlike Copper Rods or Recipes, there are a number of items needed for professions you can buy off vendors and sell for a small amount. I wouldn’t charge more than a few gold, but good starter and easy flow of gold. (Ex; Weak/Strong Flux)
  9. Materials; There are many levels of mats that people need that simply don’t show up because no one is farming them. The strongest sales come at the start and end of any given expansion.
  10. Darkmoon Faire; Everyone loves the darkmoon fair. Even a level 1 can do it! First week of the month you can fish up some rather pricey items and make a killing.

That is my list, not really in any one order but a general idea. Most of them anyone can do, even a level 1 character can get a portal to Dalaran, sell some starter cash going and pick them up cheap Frozen Orb and flip them to Eternals.

Below are the answers I got from twitter;

Farli ‏@TheOvercut – Sell profession choke point mats

Tamy ‏@Averthia – To do lvl 70 raids

The Godmother ‏@AlternativeChat – Gold Making Tip. SELL EVERYTHING.

I loved the last one, yes sell everything. There are a number of items in the game that you can just pick up, even some grey items which most of us would just sell to the vendor could sell for massive profits. One such market no one talks about anymore, selling grey shoulders.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Gold Making Tips”

  1. My tips would be:
    1) be informed, know your market, who your buyers are, etc.
    2) don´t waste time on small gains, think big (unless you just start out)
    3) be patient, some items just take longer to sell

    If you want some more specific tips:
    1) Flip Darkmoon artefacts, I buy them for 100g-200g and then sell them for up to 700g when the fair is around.
    2) sell Darkmoon Replica armor, haven´t tried it, but some people sell them for a high amount (4k for a piece)

    1. I’ve found that you have two kinds of gold makers generally.

      1. The slow and steady gold makers who will sell anything they can sell, even if they only make a few gold off it.
      2. Those who wont waste time with small sales and only go for the big ticket items.

      The best part of gold making is that no matter your path, your goals they are that; Yours. Some people want to make just enough to buy boe gear once a new patch comes. Some want to be able to buy TCG mounts and some just want to have gold to have it.

      But yes, knowing your server and what your buyers are after is the most important tip in how things sell.

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