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Today I’d like to bring you something I’ve been working on for a long time. Basically, I liked being in the transmogrification market, however my server simply doesn’t support the large price tag that comes with it. There are a number of factors into this and I’ve noticed two very important aspects to transmogrification that you may apply to your server.

First: From what I gather, doing transmogrification on 6 servers; Ravencrest, Drenden, Onyxia, Argent Dawn, Darkspear, Illidan. I’ve discovered that the best servers to do transmogrification on are high pop PVP and high pop RP.

Data collected over 2 and half months

Setting It All Up

One of the biggest issues I had personally was the groups. Now there are a number of ways to set it up, some people go with pricing tiers. Which I can understand how that would make you the most gold per-item. The problem with this is mostly the fact you’re going to have a lot of groups. TSM isn’t very good when it comes to searching groups, and I found myself having 100’s of groups and it just was a nightmare keeping them in order.

I found the simple method was best. I sell chest (all armor types) at 755g. I sell all legs at 545g and I sell epic crafted robes at 9200g. The lowest I’m willing to sell is 100g, you may ask why such a low price?

Reason being I buy all my items at 75g and under, so even if I sell it at 100g I’m still making some profit off it. I feel that when it comes to a market where you can really backlog your stock its best to move the items at a lower price then it is at a higher price.

For a time I was like everyone else, selling my items for 10k or more, trying to sell everything and I found myself spending all my time and effort into selling transmogrification items and only seeing a small profit. Once I started only selling chest and legs and lower my prices I found that I got more sales. My stock moves quicker and I rather run out of an item then to have an overstock of them.

The groups


These are my current groups I’m using for transmogrification. I don’t have every item, I’ve had to reset them up three times and often times an item I use to have I no longer have as a result of selling it out and just not seeing it again. I don’t farm my items, the only time I get items is if I just so happen to get a drop. For me, Transmogrification is a niche market that I enjoy but don’t want to spend my whole time I have to play doing it.

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2 thoughts on “Simple TSM Transmogrification Groups”

  1. Hey, really liked this post, great insight into your transmog method. Going to try changing my groups up, charging less for legs/gloves/feet/etc. Sounds like a great Idea and might spark some complete set sales!

    1. Yeah pretty much my problem was and I was trying to sell every slot and I end up having 2 guild banks full and you just keep buying. I just feeling moving the items over saving them hoping for that big sales just takes way too much time up and space. If gear stack, then I wouldn’t mind so much. My next go is to build up a list for weapons and shoulders. I think and this is just from my own research and watching the markets that shoulders, chest and legs sell bet for most classes (other then worgen, trolls which chests are kind of hidden and I suppose goblin and gnome being little). I think however I’ll charge more for shoulders given how much they show.

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