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[NOTE POST IS OVER A MONTH OLD]This week, I’ve decided that I’m going to give myself a small challenge as they would say. Some of you might remember I try my hand at the One Toon, One Month Challenge, which I give credit to Flux of Power Word Gold for the idea to start with. I didn’t fully finish it due to I needed to focus on something else and as you may noticed I disappeared from posting for a short time.

I’m more then aware that some of you are going to read the title and thing, “The Shuffle? That’s boring!” Well while it can be I’m not just going to shuffle ore here. No the reason I’m calling this Challenge the Shuffle Challenge and not the X Ore Shuffle is because I’m not just going to shuffle ore, but cloth and herbs. Each of them can be shuffled into other mats to make something else that sells for more then your mats. So lets dive into the Shuffle Challenge shall we?

Shuffle Challenge!

As some of you might know, back at the start of Cataclysm, the Obsidium shuffle was a massive profit for the auction house, but it was a lazy shuffle and I myself I didn’t really take part in it, I focus on leveling alts, leveling their professions and making gold with my other professions. Don’t get me wrong I shuffled, but maybe only a bag full of ore every now and then and I never just vendor the gems for profit, I always cut rings and necks and Disenchanted them and made enchanting scrolls that I could.

Today however, the bots are for the most part gone, many of the top and most known bot programs have been shut down by Blizzard and as a result servers are seeing less and less ore and herbs on the market. Which is good. Sure, it’s really nice to get ore at below the floor price and back in Wrath of the Lich King it was so bad that you could vendor the ore and still come out ahead, there was so much of it below the vendor prince it wasn’t even funny!

So the challenge today, seeing as doing the shuffle requires a few things, you either farm yourself or you buy at a price that you can still make gold, my floor price that I’ll be buying ore at will be 65g per stack, for my server that seems about right as Inferno Ruby sell uncut for about 150g low price and cuts sell at about 200g-500g. I’ve sold some cuts at 800g due to no one else posting. The simple fact is fewer people do the shuffle, and when it comes to gold making, when you’re doing anything you want your time to be worth something. When you spend 3 hours doing something, post up 10k worth of items and come back the next day and either one or nothing sells.. that is disappointing.

What will I be doing?

My main has Jewelcrafting and Engineering, my Paladin (my 2nd alt to ever hit level cap of 80 and 85) has Enchanting, and my Mage (my 3rd Character to hit level cap of 80 and 85) has Tailoring. I have 5 Alchemist to use for transmuting, this week I’ll be likely Transmuting Air’s for twink Enchants. You may ask why Tailoring what does it have to do with the shuffle? Bags, not matter what ore I buy I’m going to end up with a large amount of Hypnotic Dust. More than I’ll ever be able to use with Enchanting, right now it’s no really going to make me much gold to sell, I’m thinking about even selling them at a vendor, but as it turns out you can’t, really thought you could. Anyways..

So with Tailoring I can move some of that large supply of Hypnotic Dust into enchanting profession bags and 22 slot bags, which I’m going to floor price at 250g each. That’s all I’ll be doing with Tailoring, the balance is the bags need to make enough gold so I can buy cloth to make them and some profit from the dust.. so we’ll see how it goes. I will still be doing my weekly route with my main, doing some dailies and soloing raids for profit which will help in gathering cloth. I may even go out and farm cloth on my mage so we’ll see how it goes.

I’m going to be very busy this week so I wont be able to livesteam this very much if at all. But what I’m going to do is fraps some of the crafting and what I collect off the Auction House.

The Plan

What I’m gonna be doing is the shuffle for one full week, starting on Monday April 16th 2012 and ending on April 22nd 2012. A full seven days of only doing the shuffle. Now there are some key figures to keep in mind that while my main source for gold making this week will be doing the shuffle, I’ll always still be selling items on my other toons.

My other toons, which each have professions and items they sell, will still sell items on them that are left over. For example, my Mage is my Leatherworking and Tailoring and for the most part I sell the Leatherworking PVP gear and few odd ball items. I still have some gear left over from my crafting of last week, so I will keep posting them until they sell. My Alt hunter sells my vendor pets, I’ll still sell them but I wont go out and pick up more if I run out of stock. My Priest handles any vendor items like foods, copper rod, patterns, etc. You get the idea.

Here is the process I’ll go into making gold with the Shuffle

  • Buy Ore off the Auction House (Thorium Shuffle, Adamantitie Shuffle, Saronite Shuffle, Obsidium Shuffle)
  • Prospected that ore into gems that I can cut into rings (some ore will require to be made into bars; this is mainly the Thorium Shuffle to make the Thorium Settlings)
  • Send the rings to my Paladin to be Disenchanted and made into Enchanting Mats to be then made into Enchanting Scolls
  • Send my Uncommon Cataclysm gems to my Death Knight to transmute rare gems (mostly Inferno Ruby and Ember Topaz) and send them back to be cut
  • Buy Cloth to make into bolts to then craft gear to be Disenchanted and to make bags

Tomorrow I’ll go into details about each of the four shuffles, I’m sure your wondering what the hell is the Thorium Shuffle and Adamantitie Shuffle? Well those are the old school ways of the shuffle, before it was even called the shuffle I believe. The reason is to collect enchanting mats to make scrolls.

The items I’ll be selling will be a range of the PVP rings and necks, Cataclysm Rare Gems, A range of Enchanting Scrolls for level 19 (twinks) to level 85. I’ll also sell bags with the extra dust I’ll end up collecting, right now I’m only thinking about selling the current slot bags, but if I find I’m running into too much dust from the Saronite Shuffle then I’ll sell those bags as well.

I’m gonna start with 50k gold which I’ll need to buy ore and cloth, as I’ll need the cloth to make bags and shuffle the cloth for more enchanting mats. I’m not just shuffling ore here, I’m also going to be shuffling herbs to make Mysterious fortune cards.

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