Setting up 77-80 Cata Greens – Live

Here is today’s Livestream, it’s a rather short one, it was more of a test to get things going. I’m rather happy that I was finally able to get a stream setting that my computer could handle.

My plan is to livestream 3 days a week, right now that schedule will be Tuesday’s, Wednesdays, Fridays from 10am to 12pm PST.

In the case if Tuesday’s the servers are done, I’ll be doing MoP Beta, in the near feature that will likely be other games or I may do my podcast live on that day. It really depends on how things go.

Setting up 77-80 Cata Greens

For now my stream is running 720×480, which may not look the best but as long as I can play the game at a steady 20-25fps I’ll be happy with that. The stream runs at 30fps, maybe if I lower it to 25 I might be able to pull more out of my in-game fps.

What will you find out the livestreams? Hunters and gold making. I’ll be helping and answering hunter related questions as well as gold making. Hope to see everyone there.

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3 thoughts on “Setting up 77-80 Cata Greens – Live”

  1. Hey, has anyone reported you are barely hearable in that video? I’ve turned on to full all sound settings in my computer but I can’t understand a single word of what you’re saying ;(
    I wish I could because of what I’ve seen (without sound) you seem to have a few good Ideas I could incorporate myself:) Like the cata greens grouping system in TSM:)

  2. Allright, I’ve just noticed you fixed the sound further in the video so feel free to delete the above comment of mine, as well as this one :D

    1. Yeah no worries, I was testing the steaming before hand and when I restarted it the sound went all the way to low for some reason. Shouldn’t do that anymore in future streams or just videos. I think it’s just time to get a new mic setup to be honest. My headset/mic is pretty cheap.

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