Selling Vendor items

First off, there has been many people who have talked about selling vendor items for profit, this goes from everything to vendor patterns, copper rods even fresh water. There is a reason for all these things and why they sell, people wonder.. well I buy an item off the vendor, walk 2 feet to the auction house and sell it for sometimes 10 times the amount and they sell? HUH?

Well first off I’ll point out some clear ones, some others are not so much. The reason patterns for professions sell is some people are either too lazy to look them up let alone travel in the game to get them. And that’s to say if the item is even there (if it’s a limited time one).

To be frank it also comes down to people not knowing about them. I know that there are so many patterns that you can buy from a vendor that you can’t expect everyone to know you can get them easy and cheap. I mean I’ve sold fresh water for like 2g when the vendor to buy them is just a few feet away. There are so many items you can buy for cheap and flip for a small or large amount.

Look at fresh water and copper rods, even simple wood. The reason these sell is for one you need a copper rod for enchanting, most people don’t realize you can buy them right from the vendor. Same goes for fresh water which is needed for a few patterns, but people don’t know so they buy them thinking they are some world drop. Lets face it, not everyone looks at Wowhead and not everyone is gonna take the time to search for every pattern in the game for whatever they are looking to get.

Now, there are people who have talked about making level 1 characters and selling their starter gear. I myself don’t have room on my main server to do this and while some will say they’ve flip these items for 100s of gold, I would say that realistically I would spend maybe 50g on these white items. But then I know you can just make x race and x class and get x starting gear so I wouldn’t personally even back in the day when I only had a few high level characters and 2-3 low-level bank alts. I’m not talking about that however, I’m talking about vendor gear, that you can buy from the vendors for as little as 2g and flip them for 25g. Yes for the last week while I was working and doing my shuffle, I was messing around with this on another character of mine, who’s in another guild I control where his gold I didn’t count in my weekly shuffle total.

TSM Vendor Sells

Now this character also sells my other vendor items like foods, etc. I basically sell all vendor items on this character other than patterns which I sell on another character all together, this is due to how many items I would have to collect and allows me to see what sells. As you can see there, I told a few items for 25g. You may ask, what are these items? Well in Stormwind (and there are vendors who sell the same or models in Orgrimmar as well) that are just outside the Auction House in the Trade District, show here.

(note the pattern icons are from an add-on called RecipeProfit (for GatherMate2) which needs GatherMate2 to work)

There are three green makes on the map, each of these sell level 5 to 30 white items ranging from cloth, mail, leather, plate and weapons (both main, off-hand and range) that you can sell for well anything you want really. The first time I’ve posted them I sold them for 25g out right, because I wanted to see what sold and I got a few bites. I’ve up my prices to 27g 95s 95c to see what I get from it. You could go crazy and charge up to 200+ for these items but I personally don’t think they would sell, they are really low-level items. I have yet to check if these items can be use for Transmogrification or not. From my understanding the items must be soulbound to you, and these items do not but I’ve heard reports of some items that are white being able to use so maybe if and when I take the time to find out what white items can be used I’ll up the prices for those items only.

There is another reason these items sell and simply not because someone wants gear doesn’t know they get better gear from questing, doing dungeons even from crafting professions or just don’t know any better. Do you all remember that wow Iron-Man Challenge a few months ago? Well if you do.. then you should know that this was a gold mine. In fact the server this went down on mostly I level a character to level 5, spend some time to get some starter gold (I did the make a Death Knight level it some, vendor gear and other items for gold and mail it off, repeat until I had about 200g) I then went around and pick up all these items and posted them for 100g each. Some of these items sold but I quickly realized that there was a whole lot of people doing this.

I found it rather strange that no one in the gold making community really spoke about this. Maybe they didn’t think that people would be willing to spend 100+ gold on items. Or maybe they didn’t think that buying an item for 45s and selling it for 25g or more was worth the time. After all the items need to move right? Given I pick up one of every vendor item and only about 6 items sold (and a few items of starter gear which I try out but the time it takes to make a level 1, send the items over is more time and requires either another account or a free space.) Personally a note on doing the selling starter gear, its only worth it as starting cash for a new server quickly.

Anyways I found it strange and left it alone and tested it on a few server I knew where big with the Iron-man deal and some I had no idea if there was, some items sold and some didn’t. What is really cool about this however is if you have a character who can get to the higher level zones there are higher end vendor items you can buy and sell for more. So, that’s my gold tip for today, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make a video for it, I really wanted too but for some reason fraps wasn’t working and I just figure I could take some screenshots and be just the same. Maybe a later update I’ll do a full vendor item run and show you.

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