Return of the Inscriptionist

On the hot and binding sands of Uldum, I found myself walking alone, following the path I had once held for myself. A path many before me walked but ultimate fell to the bots and the campers of doom. What’s a little lone Death Knight to do, holding the old mighty ink and parchment fluttering in my bags ready to create the art of the world.

Inscriptionist Dun Nah Dun Nah…

About a week ago, I had an overall goal. The goal was to just get back into Inscription and relearn the market that I had so long ago forsaken. It was back in Wrath of the Lich King when I slowly grinned at the time my much hated Death Knight to level 75 just so I could reach 450 Inscription.

In those days, I knew that I wanted to make some serious gold for myself and guild. No more dailies! No more browsing the Auction House for stuff I could never own. How unlucky I was to make that first 10k for not really trying, only for everyone to catch on about a week (maybe two weeks later) that Inscription was a gold mine to be had.

Such is the world, so out from the sands I decided it was time, after the glory days of Wrath and the joy of Glyphmas, I decided that I wasn’t going to spend all day posting and re-posting glyphs. In fact it just because too much work for so little return. I use to sell every glyph for around 450-675g on any give day. Even those vendors one everyone now a days says to stay away from.

Today after about a good 4-5 days being back in the Glyphs market I see that there are more overall people willing to waste time posting glyph after glyph only to gain a small profit. Seriously most glyphs only sell for about 5g and most that do sell over 100g generally are undercut 10 times by the end of 3 days anyways.

I went to twitter and requested anyone who knew anything about the market as it stood today. I was aware that Faid (@GoClockworkRiot) wrote a post about Glyphs walling months and months ago (heck may have even been last year), something I personally never did with Glyphs but have done with gems a number of times. Don’t get me wrong, gems are my thing, Glyphs is her thing, however Glyphs seem to be more annoying to craft then gems.

Wouldn’t you have guest it everyone pointed me to FaidTalk to Faid she knows Glyphs” Maybe I just get the feeling that no one really gets glyphs and how they work today. So I had a small chat with her on twitter about what I had going for myself. I pretty much dropped 25k of my gold into just glyphs and seriously would need to have login on the hour every hour to keep them as the lowest price to see maybe 2-3k a day MAYBE.

I went with her idea of glyph walling the problem for me was the fact I spend a massive amount of time using up my stock of cheap herbs to make an ink stockpile for MoP. Even know I wasn’t in the market anymore, I was going to jump in at the point everyone has to craft at a higher cost.

Thankfully the glyph wall seems to be working for me, even know I’m not getting up every glyph and the walls are very small (we’re talking 2-3 glyphs here maybe). I’ve tired Farli (@TheOvercut) idea he gave me of posting 3 walls posting only a total of 6 glyphs between the 3 walls total. I’m still checking to see if random people are buying them or if the competition is buying me out.

Overall I think posting once a day at a wall has seen more sales but we’ll see how long it takes me to get my 25k back that I put into it. Slowly however I think a more idea way of posting and starting out using only glyphs that will gain you a profit and not trying to make every glyph in the game is more idea for others.

My Death Knight being my original has done me well and what I’ve learned from him will carry over to my new Hunter who will pick up the ink and take her hand to parchment and make for new stories to be told in the future of Mist of Pandaria.

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