The Power Word: Gold Podcast – Episode 036 Review

This week’s review of The Power Word Gold Podcast Episode 36 will more than likely be the most hash review I’ve ever done, this simply is because of one reason. I’m on it! Yeah that’s right, I was lucky enough to be asked on by Jim (@PowerWordGold) of Power Word Gold to be apart of the podcast.

Depending on how well the podcast goes, and feedback he gets, will depend if I’m called back on a future podcast. You can go ahead and listen to the podcast here or you can always download it off iTunes. Any feedback you have about my part of the show, please go ahead and send Jim a tweet, tell him you enjoy me on the show. Also if you find that I was annoying and had no idea what I was talking about. Please tell him that too.

The Review

Alright so let’s get into the review shall we? This weeks episode 36 went about a number of subjects, I talked about so much that I almost feel as if I got lost in the information. I gave shout outs to other gold makers I could remember who I learn from and information that I wanted to get out there.

The first thing about this podcast is that the audio isn’t that great. Jim about a day after I release last week’s review he posted on twitter saying he would like to get me on a future podcast. Which I thought on itself was pretty cool. For years really I’ve been trying to get my own podcast going.

Anyways, the podcast itself was done on Jim’s live stream. It was one of those out of the blue chats that took place. I generally watch Jim’s stream at night if he’s streaming and I’m awake as I generally level while I do. The subjects we talk about stockpiling, transmogrification, professions, leveling and bags.

Overall it’s very hard for me to review this episode because I was on it and I have a hard time listening to my own voice and I always am so very picky about things, like I’ll hear every breath I make and little thing I do when I speak. Plus I was nervous because I knew so many people would be hearing it.

I was also a bit annoyed that my net was going on and out and for the last part of the podcast which had Farli on as a guest as well (@TheOvercut) which was the first time I ever spoke to him. I’ve been following his blog for a while now as well as on Twitter. I must say, that the biggest issue I had been the fact I had some strange lag so I wasn’t hearing either of them very well so I tend to sound like I was talking over them.

Hopefully in a future podcast if I’m asked to come back that simply wont happen. Reason was my modem was basically dying and I have since fixed. So hopefully that wont happen and that the podcast will happen on a non-live stream so I have more time to think about what I’m gonna say. I felt some things I said because I felt like I had to say something. Which pretty much means if I had a moment to think about it (meaning the quiet time would be edited out) as well as some notes on what to talk about.

Still a great podcast, I had a freaky blast being apart of it and if fans of the Power Word Gold Podcast enjoy me being on I’m pretty sure Jim will find a way to get me on the next one or the one after that. I would love to be a regular guest as I do have a ton of things I loved to talk about when it comes to the game and gold making in general.

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  1. It was a blast and hopefully the fans enjoy it as well. I would love to come back on a future one. :D

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