Perfect Guild Bank Setup

Today’s post is going to be rather simple discussion about how to set up a guild bank system. I’m not talking about setting up the guild bank itself. You know going out and getting signatures, buying the tabs, how much is it worth to buy past three tabs, etc.

No this is about the ideal way to set up a guild bank base off your setup of characters you’re using to make gold. So I’m going to show you the ideal setup I am pushing for and what works for me may not work for you. So do keep that in mind.

The System

For starters, you’re going to want your main and alts in a guild or series of guilds that offer guild perks. This also affects what professions they have.

You would want to have also at least one character as a farmer that is in a guild to get the perk for gathering this way you’ll get more raw mats for skinning, mining and herb gathering.

My leatherworking is pair with skinning and is also an alt so they are in a guild with that perk. Ideally leatherworking is really easy to keep leather in the personal bank and anything I’m stockpiling or if I overflow can go into a mat bank.

The Mat Bank

This guild bank is used to store mats in any form. You can set it up in as many guild banks as you wish. For example, some players like Faid set up a guild bank for current mats and then another one for older mats. Basically this banks store items that are used for crafting only.

You want this guild bank to be a banker who doesn’t craft. Why? Simply because this character is going to be mailing and posting alot of items and there for you want them to be the last character you login into.

The reason is you will go to each crafter and set up TSM to restock. Then you login to you Mat Bank and send off your mats. You want or at least I buy what I need beyond what I don’t have on the character that uses it. It’s just less main this way.

How Many Guild Banks?

This all depends on how many character you have and what your willing to spend on. I myself have 8 characters and 3 guild banks.

Guild Bank 1: The All General Bank – holds everything that the banker character sells. In my case this would be Soulcharka.
Guild Bank 2: The Mat Bank – holds all current crafting mats. In this case this bank would hold MoP Mats and would be Kaimatrix.
Guild Bank 3: The Mat bank – holds all the older crafting mats. In this case this would be Naarultra.

Another guild bank could be set up if your going into transmogrification, I myself am pulling out of the market for good as it just isn’t making much gold on my server and the time and space it takes it too much for how much time I have. There is another guild bank you can have, which are more for those who have gold to buy a guild with a perk. In this case you can use this for farmers to get the perk.

The system I think works best if you keep your alts and main in an active guild that not yours. This way you’re part of a community. Crafters and bankers should just be either in one guild bank together to access everything or each in their own for their own mats. I’ve also done this on my old server, but remember you want any character who has enchanting, skinning, mining or herbalism in a guild with the perk.

You don’t need to be, I myself went most of Cataclysm with my enchanter not in a guild with the perk. The question did that hurt me well I’m not sure but to be honest it’s not a big deal middle to late into the game. At the start it’s a big deal due to the high prices of the new mats.

So tell me what kind of set up do you have? Leave me a comment below and if you have any questions about how to set up a good guild bank system, be sure to leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

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3 thoughts on “Perfect Guild Bank Setup”

  1. I’ve currently got one banker character, in it’s own guild, but I’ve been thinking of starting up another guild banker character. My current banker is on my second account, but I was thinking of making one on my current account to hold my current mats for me.

    Are your banks all on the same account? I have the hardest time getting TSM set up in the way that you describe for crafting, but, I’ve also only been using it for about a week.

  2. Having a bank alt as a noncrafter is fine… if you don’t have many alts. Before I got my second account, I had 10 85s, all max crafters. Three of them own my guild banks.

    Now that I have a second account… I have more 85 crafters. Why waste an alt slot on an alt that’s not going to craft?

    1. As I explained it all depends on what you have going. To have that many 85s, in your case you like to make alts with crafting professions. In your case having the old school level 1 bank alt is just a wasted slot.

      In my case, all my characters are mostly high level. But I don’t plan to go into having another account personally. Plus time is a factor too and sometimes just having one character for banking is ideal.

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