Moving Gold Across Servers with Pets

Coming in Mist of Pandaria is the new Pet Battle system, with it are a host of new game features for every one including those looking to make gold with it. This was something I’ve held off talking about for a while now simply because I wanted to make sure this was going to be allowed, that it worked in beta the way I thought it would work in live.

And this is where I want to warn everyone, that this is beta and everything can change. I have an outline post written which explains how you can make gold on a new server with the pet battle system without any other starter cash. For some players this could be a way to moving gold across servers. How? Let me give you some examples of how you can move massive amounts of gold to another server easy and without spending real life money to transfer a character.

What Pets Can’t be Traded

In order for this to work, you need to be able to post the pet on the Auction house. At the moment the list of pets you can’t trade is not finalized. Other than wild pets, as we know can’t be traded. There are different lists out there that show us what can’t be traded, basically any TCG pet, Collectors Edition pets, Diablo3/Starcraft 2 Collectors Edition pets, most of the Blizzard Store pets, all WoW Event pets, obtained through quests and all Blizzcon pets.

The main thing to remember here is that there are some pets that will be transforming into a Rare Pet. Blizzard has already state that many of the current pets in-game, including some crafted and vendor pets will become Rare Pets. This is another reason why you should be collecting those Darkmoon Faire Pets NOW, as they will be one of the pets becoming rare.

The Method

Here we are on your main server, the server you have all your gold, mains, alts, etc. It really need to be a rare pet as I don’t think anything under that will sell that great. You either level it yourself, which at the moment could take weeks to get done or you buy one from the auction house.

No matter how you obtained your pet your going to be making a new level 1 or Death Knight (it’s up to you) on a new server you want to move your gold too. Once your on the new server simply open up the pet journal, cage your pets and post them on the auction house. The pet fees seem to be about the same as they are now, so you may want to do this with a death knight as they come out of the starting zone with some gold. It only takes about an hour to finish the zone with Zygor guide. If you’re looking for a good leveling guide, I would recommend them and I’ve used them for years now.

Crazy right? You could turn those rare pets into some nice gold on a new server. If you spend say 50k on your main server on pets, you could move that 50k across to any server and make back your 50k or more simply by selling those pets on the auction house or to someone from trade chat.

The idea seems sound, but it could be nerfed and prevented by blizzard. They don’t have a problem with someone moving millions of gold and goods to another server and screwing up that servers economy, seemly because at the moment you need to spend real money to do that. I’m worried this could be blocked because they removed wild pets from being traded so players wouldn’t sell them on the Auction House. I’m not sure but this could go either way at this point to be totally honest with you.

So many unanswered questions still, while the list of pets stated by Blizzard has yet be updated into the current beta build and even more changes are coming too. So be worry before you start to buy up pets or get ready to move gold to another server day one, they could really make it where if you cage a pet it’ll reset to level 1. If such a change happened, It’ll be fine and it wouldn’t affect this method of making gold at all, it just might reduce how much you could sell for.

What do you think? I know some people have talked about the impact of the pet battle system on their server, what will sell, how to price them. Should you be stockpiling pets now and if so which pets? Some think it’s time to dump them because a large influx of them will hit servers. Leave me a comment below and tell me what you plan on doing.

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