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This is a question I’ve seen people ask, I’ve read people post about it, heard many people talk about it. Everything from back in the day when Call to Auction talked about it, to current podcasts like the PowerWord Gold Podcast and Auction House Junkies to name a few that I’m aware of who’ve talked about stockpiling.

Everyone has their ideas, this is what you should, this is what you shouldn’t. The one major thing about stockpiling is something simple and easy to understand. Stockpiling is a long-term investment not a short-term. There are short-term stockpiling, generally speaking this is something we do between patches, such as stocking up one red gems and enchants for the wave of new gear coming in.

If you’re looking for some lists on what to stockpile, you can check out the following posts;

The long-term of stockpiling is to grab items that are cheap NOW that you can sell at a higher rate later. This kind of goes hand in hand with a post about buying low selling normal. Here is what you do and I’m going to break it down for you.

Truegold Truegold and more Truegold?

Stockpiling something that will have value over time, everything no matter what the normal price is today will hold its value later and even go up in price. I’m going to use Volatile as an example.

Volatile come in Air, Water, Fire and Earth. Where do you get Volatiles from? The first step in figuring out how to stockpile Volatile and why is to understand the sources and what they will be needed for. Keep in mind what they are used for today wont always hold true later in of Pandaria.

This week I’ll talk about a number of items you can stockpile and why. So today I’m talking about Volatile, what do you stockpile them for? Truegold. Why do we need truegold? For Vial of the Sands.

Back in Wrath of the Lich King you had something called the Mechano-Hog (horde) and Mekgineer’s Chopper (alliance). They required 12 Titansteel Bar which was on a one day cooldown that Miners could make. Near the end of Wrath, they removed that cooldown and you could craft Titansteel Bar as much as you want. People feared that the market for them would crash, but lucky on most servers it didn’t and the price set at about 200-500g a bar.

We don’t know yet if Truegold will get removed from the cooldown, if that happens you could almost use all your stock of Volatiles into Truegold. I recommend not doing this, simply because you never want to put all your raw mats into any one crafted good. Maybe 50% of your stockpile into it, but this is ONLY if that where to happen.

What is your opinions? Do you think Truegold will have it’s cooldown removed? Also don’t forget that you also need Pyrium Bar to make Truegold, which for them you would simply stockpile the ore. Always, always stockpile in the most raw’s form as you can. The only time I would say not too would be with cloth, and you can read my post about stockpiling cloth to understand why.

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4 thoughts on “MoP Stockpiling Truegold”

  1. I think if you go on past trends, you’d have to assume it’s a given that Truegold will be taken off a cooldown in MoP and whilst the initial surge in more Truegold bars on the market will make a significant dent in it’s price once the patch goes live, over the long term (when people slow down volatile farming for Cata) you’d expect to see a bump in price for Truegold once more.

    The early stages of MoP will see levelling and associated profession products being the mainstay until a large portion of the gaming base is max level. With Truegold being a core mat mostly for Cata level epics, the demand for it initially (especially with the flood of TG on the AH) should see this as a poor money earner in the first month or two of the xpac (and perhaps longer).

    Even with TG being a core mat for the Vial, I get the real impression that the demand for the Vial will also drop significantly after the expac release and this will probably only return a good profit after the initial rush dies down.

    Vial is a vanity item. I cannot see a vanity item being real competition for player’s gold early in an expac, especially with the new pet battle system likely to divert player gold (along with gear and raid consumables).

    I see TG as a good investment longer term in MoP, but absolutely not in the early days and truth be told, I’m really not sold on the idea of stockpiling these bars today at these prices regardless.

    Like the Pyrium -> Epic Gem assumption, I get the distinct impression that TG is being overly hyped in the market of late and will disappoint many who invest too much gold in their stockpile.

    Personally, I think the daily volatile transmute to something like Air would be a better investment for the transmute masters now and for stockpilers, the Volatiles might be a better bet anyway (going on the ‘stack raw mats’ ideology in the article above).

    Carpe diem on Truegold!

    1. I agree to a point, but on my auction house, and on the other servers I play on, I still see at least 1-2 if not more choppers on the auction house for about 2-5k profit comparing them to the cost of the mats.

      To be totally honest, I can’t really compare Truegold to past expac or bank on the fact that Truegold will have it’s cooldown removed. One major factor in this is simple; Truegold is an Alchemy pattern not a mining pattern. They have in the past teased of removing things off the Alchemy cooldown but have always gone back on it at the last moment or it was a bug. Remember wrath epic gems in the pre-patch for cata? Well on the PTR at the time, wrath epic gems had no cooldown, so people stockpiled all the mats for them hoping to mass craft red gems. Patch came out, no cooldown removal, no it was change to a reset always a midnight kind of cooldown and not a 24hour cooldown starting when ever you did the cooldown.

      So I think base on that, I would wait and see. Blizzard has been known to do stupid stuff.. just look at the epic gems in cata for prime example and how they try to control the enchanting market early on, keeping people form MASS crafting mats. I think and I agree your best bet is to stockpile volatiles if they are cheap. If Air is still making you gold, then by all means. However for me on my server, Air doesn’t sell as often anymore and the price for air is about 12-15g while life is about 9g. That’s about a 3g profit which is no where near the profit I get from truegold right now. The mats cost me about 150-175 not including a proc, and they are currently at 350g. I check every day and if they ever drop to 200g I buy them out. Why 200g? Because at some point in Mist they will be pushing 500g if not more.

      You have to also keep something else in mind, and this is a big factor also when looking back at Wrath. Truegold is required to do the Transmute quest for Alchemy now. So even if you’re not able to really put your Truegold into the mount, players will be rolling monks and not just new monks but pandas in general. So that means a host of new toons will come into the game and that means you’ll see more players taking on Alchemy as a professions. I have no data to back that up, but Alchemy is a pretty good profession for raiding, longer flask and the trinkets you get generally BiS for some classes for a while and are rather easy to craft anyways. So that’s something to keep in mind too. (I totally forgot to put that in the post too that Alchemy Transmute spec needs 4 Truegold bars).

  2. Hi

    A few things. Firstly yes the CD from Truegold will be removed, doubtful in the content patch or even in the first MOP release but I do see if being removed.

    Secondly, however stockpiling is not something I would see as a sensible thing. Firstly initially no one will want Truegold so the price will drop and so you will be sitting on your pile for a while, until like you said until the farming of Volatiles slows down. However, inflation will catch up with you and while you might sell them for 500g would you have got a better investment putting that gold into something else?

    Finally I believe you will not need 4 Truegold for the Alchemy Transmute master in the future (from memory) with each expansion the requirement has changed.

    But then I am very limited in my gold making experience so I could be very wrong.

    1. Looking at the way blizzard has done things, saying that no one will want Truegold is like saying no one will want Titansteel. Titansteel Bar where a mining 24 hour cooldown, which I believe it was patch 3.5 they removed the cooldown. People still want Mekgineer’s Chopper for their toons. There is a risk that less people will want the Vial of the Sands because once you have it on one character, you’ll have it on every character.

      On the matter of the Alchemy Transmute quest, was first added in BC which required if I remember right was 4 Primal Might which was an item transmuted by Alchemy itself. The quest was not updated when Wrath of the Lich King was release. It wasn’t updated until patch 4.2 and to be totally honest no one is really sure why they decided to update the Alchemy quests to use current mats. Maybe it was because the mats for Primal Might was made by Primals from BC content which was not being farmed very much so it could take someone days to get all the mats.

      In fact before the change, I use to sell Primal Might for 600g up to 2000g each and they would sell because people would need them, they didn’t sell every day but they sold enough to make it worth to keep 4 up there as often as you can.

      With Mist coming, people will roll new monks and new pandas so we’ll see a new Alchemy toons and generally speaking most people will say Transmute is the best spec to go, this is unless they decided to remove the specs and just make them baseline so then the quest would be removed and the need for truegold for that could go bye bye.

      Until the pre-patch hits the PTR we wont know 100% for sure, generally once its on PTR it’s pretty much set in stone unless they try some changes and then remove the change like they did with Wrath epic transmutes :/

      500g is a little low, I could maybe sell them for 1200g or more. It all depends on your server and don’t forget others will be doing it too.

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