MoP Inscription Roundup

It’s been a good week now and I’m sure everyone has made a killing off inscription now. The new glyph system is full in and I’ll have to say, that even myself personally not really looking at what glyphs has had crafted for myself vs what was going away before I shutdown everything 2 weeks ago left me with only a few items turning grey.

What turn Grey?

Well for starters we all knew relics where going away and I sadly was stuck with only 2 that was left in my normal posting routine. They where vendor along with my Death Knights relics he used.

The papers to make glyphs also changed, you no longer need different parchment to make glyphs or any items within inscription anymore. Everything now uses light parchment which I think is a great change.

Along with the new glyphs ALL glyphs change into something new (from what I can tell) there where a few that didn’t but I lucky didn’t craft any of those and as a result didn’t lose out any money.


As much of you know I spend a good deal stockpiling and I know I could have stockpiled even more inks and herbs had the space and gold. At this point, there isn’t much of a point to stockpile anything now for inscription. Everything that has changed for it is released. Granted you don’t want to burn through your WHOLE stock of inks however.

Because inks vendors now require the new Ink of dreams to trade your inks in, you’ll have to make your inks using old herbs. You could either farm them and sell or buy them cheap and mill them if you need to keep up your ink supply. I recommend that you do.

As it comes to Stockpiling inks, this is something every one who has inscription does simply because it’s part of the normal crafting cycle. You will never have enough inks no matter what do you do, let me tell you that you’re best bet is to go into a low-power stockpile mode, only buy what you need to craft but if it’s lower than that buy it all. This is a general rule of thumb for anything really.

What’s new

I wont go into what has changed for Glyphs because most of everyone knows by now and they all changed into something new anyways. Also there is a host of new glyphs you’ll need.. I’ve check the daily research and I can tell you that if before patch 5.0 if you knew all the glyphs, save your paper and inks because the new glyphs wont show up from them until after the launch date.

Staffs are new and we have a few rare staffs you can sell. They take current Cataclysm mats and inks and is a good way to burn off your Inferno Ink if you have a load of them. I wouldn’t use them for Darkmoon Cards because no one is really going to buy into them now. I have a few Trinkets left over as well as some cards I didn’t sell, other than that I wouldn’t recommend doing it, the profits will be too low and demand is low as well for them.

The new staffs, there are 5 new staffs added and they are all BoE so you can sell them on the Auction House. On my server the prices are rather normal now. They are all caster staffs with crit, haste, spell power. Remember that stats changed a bit so you want to check out the new stat changed before you go buying. I’ll be posting about hunter stats in the next few days myself.

I’m sure they where much higher at the start of the patch and for those of you who made out please leave me a comment and let me know how much you made

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11 thoughts on “MoP Inscription Roundup”

  1. The ink vendor is still bugged last I checked. They show the new MoP ink of dreams as the required currency but are still accepting black fallow ink for trading down.

  2. “Because inks vendors now require the new Ink of dreams to trade your inks in, you’ll have to make your inks using old herbs.”

    No, they don’t. You can still use Blackfallow.

  3. You can still trade in the Blackfallow Ink, it is noted on the forum as a bug aswell, so it is not an exploit either!

  4. Heh, must have been nice to make a killing. I had over 10,000 inks ready and 4 of each glyph, then some idiot put all his up for 20g each. Not just the bad ones all glyphs are 20g each.

    1. I made about 2-3k off glyphs which isn’t amazing or anything. However I did post once four days ago and just checked today. So I know if I had more time to actively check and post and restock I could have made much more. And I was selling them up to 400g each.

  5. Hey matt, you should use the reset feature off TSM and buy them out. At 20g each, that means each inks are worth 6.66g, meaning he isnt doing any profit. He’ll eventually move out or adjust to your price.

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