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For Mist of Pandaria I decided I would share with you my stockpile for Inscription and why I decided to stockpile the way I did. Granted I’m more than likely going to run out of links. I didn’t do much math in terms of which glyphs use what ink. After all its all up to change, we wont really know what it’ll be once the pre-patch hits the PTR.

Ethereal Ink

I have one full Guild Bank tab of Ethereal Ink. When I was more active in the Glyph Market, Ethereal Ink was always one of those inks I never had enough of and finding more was always annoying too. The reason Ethereal Ink is so hard to come by is simply its the ink from Outlands and most people don’t farm Outland herbs other than that one may gather from leveling.

Ink of the Sea

Another one of those inks I just never had enough of. One full Guild Bank for Ink of the Sea. You can get Ink o the Sea from milling Wrath herbs, again like Outland herbs most people aren’t farming it so it’s supply of herbs is low on the Auction House. You could always get them by trading down ink, but it’s cheaper if you can farm or get them off the Auction House for a good price.

The Rest

For the other inks, I’ve found that you don’t need as much of them vs the BC and Wrath inks, however the one ink I may find myself running out of quickly may be Lion’s Ink. I may mill more for them, I have 2 other Guild Tabs of Cataclysm herbs to mill. I was going to save the Whiptail to make Mysterious Fortune Card’s but that is debatable if those will still be wanted in Pandaria

What is your ink stockpil for Mist of Pandaria? Let me know in the comments. I’m thinking about setting up another Guild Bank for more ink, my goal with Glyphs is to make the new Monk Glyphs as I believe those are the ones people will buy and will sell for a good solid 1200g-2000g each. I may test the market and list them at 5k just to see how the market plays out.

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6 thoughts on “MoP Ink Stockpile”

  1. Actually, I’m not stockpiling inks at all as I’m not in the glyph trade. On my server (unfortunately) there’s several bots which constantly battle each other and drive the prices to the ground. I’ve had 3 goes at trying to crack the market, but it’s almost impossible to get a foothold and I’m not bothering with it any more on my realm.

    My primary professions are Blacksmith/Miner so a lot of my stockpiling revolves around there. Prospectable ore and chokepoint mats for profession levelling are what I’m dabbling most in right now.

  2. I’ve yet to begin converting inks, so I have about 500-600 stacks of blackfallow. I know some people have done tracking of which glyphs sell the best. It would be interesting to cross-reference the various inks to make each and see what percentages would be best to stock.

    I’ve historically done fairly well with minor glyphs (most of which take midnight right now), so I plan to make sure I have decent amount. Seems the least used are shimmering and celestial. For some reason I always seem to find lions and emerald inks/pigments cheap on AH, so while I’ll convert some I’ll definitely focus on Sea, Ethereal, and Midnight, in about 8:2:1 ratio respectively.

    1. I haven’t personally done any sort of math on which ink % takes what. The problem now with doing that, is all the glyphs are changing. And the big issue I have with say stockpiling them, as we all know Trainer Glyphs generally are the worst sellers. So right now on live a Glyph that normally would take research to lean, may end up being a trainer glyph now. So someone who didn’t have it said before now does.

      Plus they could balance out the requirements of inks too, Ink of the Sea and Ethereal have always been the two inks I never seem to have enough of, as I said and always are the most used when crafting all. Either way I don’t think I’ll lose out on my stockpile even if it takes me months to see a return. In truth I spent 20g up to 35g a stack for whiptail anyways so I’m sure once the new ink takes over, the price of inks for a while will go up.

  3. The following percentages are for pre-MoP glyphs which were still in the Beta as of June 21.

    396 total glyphs
    33 of those are MoP glyphs
    363 glyphs left

    Blackfallow – 0.3%
    Celestial – 6.3%
    Ethereal – 18.5%
    Ink of the Sea – 33.6%
    Jadefire – 9.9%
    Lion’s – 13.5%
    Midnight – 12.1%
    Shimmering – 5.8%

    Courtesy of The Consortium forums.

    1. Thank you very much. I guess I’m not shocked that Ink of the Sea is the most needed due to the profession being release with Wrath itself.

  4. havent dont mutch math like most of you guys haha.
    atm my stockpile is 1.000 of each ink and still got abnout 10.000 blackfallow left over to decide what to convert into. proberly going for a few thousand more eternal and ink og the sea. and spread the rest out on the other glyphs and have 2-3.000 left then MoP hits to try fortune cards. all the inks havent cost me any more then 4g ea so shouldent be hard to get a profit out of it.

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