MoP: Cloth Stockpiling for 5.0

With Mists of Pandaria news slowly but surely gonna we are going to sooner or later get hit with the beta. Once that is out people will more than likely start to put out lists of what you should stockpile to sell at a higher price. I want to be ahead of the game and put out my lists now, simply because I think they are a good list of items to stock pile up. With that being said, today I’m going to talk about cloth, in Mist we are surely going to get a new cloth and everyone under the sun is going to be farming it to sell, to level up First Aid, to level Tailoring.

Right now there is no way of knowing how the effect of the changes in-game will affect the cloth market or Tailoring as a whole. We don’t know if there will be any major overhauls to the professions yet. So base on what we know from Wrath of the Lich King I think it’s a safe bet to say that my cloth stockpile list is safe to go with. Unlike my other list which I’ll release soon, this one is rather short.

Stockpiling Cloth Master List

You may ask, why not stockpile older cloth? Well as I’ve seen in Cataclysm most of the older level 1-60 cloth prices didn’t change. People level alts and twinks up still and most of the cloth is still pretty high on the Auction House. This could change, one of the ideas I had been to make items require less mats but more of different kinds. For example, the new bags in Mist might need 1 bolt of each type other than say 10 of the new one only plus whatever the new enchanting dust will end up being.

Lets break it down as to why these cloths are important to stockpile and how you can make money in Mist with them.

Bolt of NetherweaveNetherweave Bags; They take forever to make and you may ask, well if all we are doing with Netherweave are bags why not just make the bags now? Reasons being a stack of bolt will net us 5 bags. So storage space, every slot of the guild bank is the same as stacking 5 bags. Remember that bags don’t stack (but they should) so making the bolts allows us to stack them.

Your final option if the bag market is too flooded and you can’t get what you put into your stockpile or if you see the market for Enchanting mats open for Arcane Dust, Lesser Planar Essence, Greater Planar Essence, Small Prismatic Shard or Large Prismatic Shard you can always craft Netherweave Belt, which only require 3 bolts to make.

Frostweave Cloth – We have a number of options here and not just bags like with Netherweave. Unlike it, Frostweave you want to leave in its cloth form. You can turn them into bolts but you are limited the number of things you can do with it. For starters the level cap is going to be 90, as it stands now Northrend leveling was nerf by half I think. You can expect that leveling will get another nerf form 1-80. I believe the fastest leveling time is 3 days play form 1 to 85, I’m going to guess that Blizzard wants us to get to level 90 as quickly as we can.

That being said, players are going to be leveling beyond Northrend much faster then they even are now, which means the number of Frostweave will be even less. You need it to level up First Aid, but there is also an achievement to craft 500 Heavy Frostweave Bandage’s so as There is also the 20 slot bags, which even now with 22 slot bags and 26 slot bags are still going to make you some gold. You can also craft Frostweave cloth gear to DE to get some easy Infinite Dust which again, fewer people farming the content means more gold per item.

Embersilk Cloth – As the current cloth this one will likely be best if you farm it, unless you can find them for under 2g on my server they are almost always sitting at 4g each. When ever it drops to 2g I buy it out pretty quickly. This cloth, will fall into the same boat that Frostweave did, the difference here is because the places to farm Embersilk are in the old world, which people might still be floating around, it might get farm still. Maybe not as much as it is now, but seeing as Frostweave you have to go to Northrend to get (with no real quick portals there).

Your options are bags, 22 slot bags will still sell pretty well as they do now. You also can sell the cloth itself, as it too has an achievement for First Aid same as Frostweave. You can turn them into bolts and sell them raw or craft them to make level 80 Cataclysm gear. People who hit level 80 and moving to level 81 content will still want Cataclysm gear. With the number of green level gear no longer flooding the auction house, there will once again be a market for this low-level cloth gear again. You can also make gear cheap to get cheap Hypnotic Dust to sell later at a much higher price.

A note about the enchanting mats Hypnotic Dust because that is the current enchanting dust, you may want to think about stockpiling it alone on top of Embersilk. The reason is most servers see it drop to under 1g each. I’m really sure it’ll fall into the same boat that Infinite Dust did where in Wrath, Infinite Dust sold for near close 50s each, where now its sells almost always at 8g. Just think if you buy Hypnotic Dust now for 1g and less and turn around in Mist and sell it for 8g.

Finally I want to add that these are a good safe bet and you can’t go wrong having say 1 full guild tab full of cloth, I’m thinking of going one tab for each cloth, it depends on how much cloth I can gather at low prices. Basically your options are going out and farming it yourself, this is and always will be the cheapest, depending that is on how you value your time, if you can gather say 10 stacks in an hour for example. How much would you price your cloth at? Would you price each one at 5g each? Something to think about.

If cloth on your server is dropping, as it might be as more people are going back now and leveling alts or simply farming because there either isn’t any supply or its too high, in the case of Frostweave Cloth which on my server normally floats at 4 to 8g per cloth. You have options here on what you can do, you can sell them raw to people leveling professions or First Aid, turn them into bolts to and sell for crafters, bolt them and make bags or gear to sell or gear to disenchant for dust. Let me know what you think in the comments below, are there any cloth items you think that might be good to stockpile?

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