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MoP Beta Blackfallow for Rare Inks?

Earlier today I wrote a post about inks I’m stockpiling, if you need some ideas on stockpiling, be sure to check it out. So I was messing with the beta Tuesday night and I came across something strange when I was looking at Inscription. First off, the Ink Trade has changed so that the common inks used for Glyphs no longer take Blackfallow Ink but the new ink, Ink of Dreams. This change is to be expected because that was what happen with Ink of the Sea to Blackfallow Ink from Wrath to Cataclysm.

However… that also including the rare inks taking 10 of the new trade ink, however right now in beta, the Ink Trader does not take Ink of Dreams for the new Starlight Ink. It takes Blackfallow Ink. Due to this change, my character already had a bag full of cheap Whiptail that I end up milling and turning into Blackfallow Ink.

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The results.. well I hit 600 in a very short amount of time, I only had to buy about 10-12 stacks of the new herbs which on beta people posted at about 2,000k-3,000k per stack. Which I could see being the numbers we see come live. Maybe they will be higher than that, I don’t recall how much herbs cost when Cataclysm launched.

But even with the requirements for Spirit of Harmony, STILL was able to get 600 trade skill. Once I hit about 575, which I got by just milling the new Ink and making the one Glyph I had that was red and gave 3 skill points. All I needed to do then was trade in Blackfallow Ink for the new Starlight Ink and just craft the new shoulder enchants and in about the time it takes to craft them I hit 600.

I hope they fix this because if that makes it to PTR and then to live.. I’m going to go for Server First. But keep in mind that it could be a bug, and for whatever reason Blackfallow Ink is showing up for trade in for those rare inks. Another thing to take note here is there is no Blackfallow Ink that you can trade in for. Which means, that you’ll have to still farm Cataclysm herbs to get Blackfallow Ink or need the herbs. I couldn’t find a blue post about this, this could as I said change and the rare inks trade 10 Ink of Dreams and not Blackfallow.

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10 thoughts on “MoP Beta Blackfallow for Rare Inks?”

  1. I wouldn’t bet on the rare inks still trading for Blackfallow Ink by the time it goes live. I’d be more willing to bet that those not changing is an oversight. I could be wrong, of course, but being able to trade Blackfallow for Starlight Ink makes absolutely no sense.

    1. I would agree with you, it does seem silly, because of that I was able to power level to 600 rather easy. What I found rather strange too was the fact there is no Blackfallow Ink on the vendor to trade for. It has every ink but that one.. weird really.

  2. For the first few days – week of Cata launch you could buy blackfallow and inferno, for ink of the sea. This was thought to be due to the fact that the only ink trader was in Dalaran at the time. But I don’t recall if this stayed around for awhile after the ink trader was added to SW/Org.

    If they are still showing it now in beta, it is possible that they may allow this “older inks to newer” for the first week of MoP launch. Of course it is beta and any and everything is likely to change. It could be a whole other “pyrite and epics gems” kind of thing.

    I think it would be worth keeping a stockpile of blackfollow around, enough to level you to 600 at the very least. Maybe a bit more to get a head start on cards or the other goodies we will be getting.

    In the absolute worst case you just make them into fortune cards, if you don’t feel like barking just flip them and call it a risk of huge profit. You’ll already be making so much off the pre launch patch and future pandaren sales anyway.

    1. I don’t recall that happening in Cata, then again I focus more on leveling in the new zones and seeing all that had changed then I ever did looking at the trade skills. Plus it took a very long time for them to even do anything with trade skills. Granted Cata beta went on a really long time and by the time they did add in the professions I pretty much stopped playing beta and went back to live.

      So maybe that is true, it’s just how they set up the system so people can get the new inks easier or power level professions without having to farm. I can tell you people in beta sell crap for crazy prices, which is silly because once beta ends all the gold and items, characters go away.

      Anyways, in terms of what I’m going to do if this just so happens to make it to live.

      First thing, the pre-patch will hit the PTR, if it follows the past, the ink trader will change to the new inks. This happen in wrath to cata, and this is where we got Glyphmas from, no one could craft cheap inks anymore being no one could trade for them easy using Ink of the Sea and no one could get Blackfallow yet.

      So there will be that moment in time, likely 2 weeks where the ink trader will change, you’ll be able to buy herbs and mill blackfallow and turn them into the new Starlight Ink and stockpile it before anyone can even farm herbs. That way you’ll be ready once Mist launches. I however the more I think about this, seems more like a beta thing and can’t see it going live.

      Then again, they did put the new cooking and fishing quests in and if you planned it right, you could farm 10 characters, the one you wanted to level cooking you saved you to buy the patterns once Cata launch and the others you used to buy the meats and so many servers saw realm first cooking within like 5mins of servers going live.

  3. Aye, with the game as vast as it can be it’s hard to keep up with everything. Even more so when there are so many new things to grab your attention at the very start of a expansion. I had also forgotten about the cooking dailies at the start of cata! I remember almost falling out of my chair when I saw someone get realm first, in 5-10 minutes! Then smacking myself for not doing the same lol.

    My only hope is that this makes it to live, along with blackfallow inks being untradeable for a short time prior to MoP launch again. Oh the Glyphmas will be wonderful this time of year.

    1. Yeah I agree, I was able to hit 600 using the Blackfallow Ink Trade in and crafting the new Shoulder Changes which give 2 skill ups each. While it be nice to really just get a realm first like that easy, have to remember that most people will go for it too or at least some will, I rather it be hard where it would take a few hours of farming then you have a better chance. Having only 5-10 minutes time frame, one mistake and you lose.

  4. I’m not all that interested in getting realm first myself, I would just prefer to be ahead of the game. Instead of realizing I missed something huge 5 months ago, like what happened during cata for me.

    On a different note; I don’t like realm firsts being that easy, sure it is a race of course, but when they can be done that way, well it just seems like a cheap shot? I understand that to do it properly you need to level on beta/ptr and find the best and quickest route and matts. But making it for the supreme elite due to timezone, lag, download error, anything like that really just makes me a little sad. I have no issue with it being a special prize for those few elite players that can get it, but at least let there before enough people in it to be a true race? Having it take a longer period of time just seems more fair to me, I can’t quite explain why.

    With more alchys then the world probably needs I get a little funky thinking about herbs and trying to level a min of three of them, one of each spec. On top of that, having to level inscription with the same matts? Ugh!

    At least with JC, BS and Tailoring I can level enchanting as well lol.

    1. I agree, I really hope that doesn’t make it live. I rather it be hard to do or gated like Jewelcrafting is, the only way to really level it at a point is getting the cuts which takes days to get and the patterns generally don’t give many skill ups per craft. I personally, I went for a few server first in Cata but never got any. I wasn’t ready for it. I would like to go for a realm first Engineering but that’s about it. I want to check what I need in beta this time however, not many people I think would care for Engineering as most don’t.

      Personally for me it be cool to have. It was my first profession on my main ever and never dropped it. (I’ve had Mining, Skinning, Enchanting and currently Jewelcrafting as my other professions).

  5. My main is in the same boat. haven’t dropped JC on her, and never will. Back in Wrath when the realm firsts came out I had wanted to get it, but I was in no place to. So after that I’ve just left it alone. Maybe the expansion after MoP I will take the time to try and get it on her.

    I’ve heard, but haven’t looked into it, that all professions are getting some kind of daily quest now; Similar to JCs?

    If this is true I could see some more gating going on, which I would actually really like! It feels like you accomplish something after you level your professions, instead of ; “meh, nothing fun to do with it now, have everything, just craft and go on auto pilot.” For so long professions have either a pure “stat stick”, gold maker, or pure convince. Giving them a little more depth would be welcome. I know some will probably view it as more grinding, but why are you playing WoW if you don’t like grinding? It is the entire game!

    1. I like the way they are redoing the spellbooks for professions, after all we’re losing a few of patterns, the throwning weapons and relics but there aren’t many of them to really worry about. One thing I’d hope they do is put back in patterns from the Tailoring, Blacksmithing and Leatherworking Specs that where some how lost when they removed the specs for those professions.

      The way they are doing cooking with the specs, where you first can only learn one but after that you can learn the others seems the way to go for other professions. I’d love for that. For daily quests… I’m not sure.. I know Cooking is getting a but load of them but for other professions I haven’t seen or read anything. So far both JC and Engineering having been giving anything in beta yet to test, you can’t level them or anything yet.

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