Into the Maelstrom and Beyond

Going even more into yesterday’s post about Abyss Crystals, I felt it would be wise to bring up Maelstrom Crystal today so how about we dive right into the discussion and the reasons why I feel that stockpiling Maelstrom Crystal raw might not be a safe bet for you.

Let’s start off with a list of what we can use in Mist of Pandaria with Maelstrom Crystal. First there are only really a few options and they aren’t really the best or most sound options. I do feel we have more choice with Abyss Crystals, but that is very niche at best.

Uses of Maelstrom Post Cataclysm

Lets go with the last item first with the Bis Cataclysm Enchants, right now, I feel like there could be a use for them for Twinks, but that is a market that will have to grow in time and will be a healthy market when the time comes for that.

Currency: There are only three Cataclysm Enchants you need to buy off the vendor that cost you crystals, those are: Power Torrent, Windwalk and Landslide. How much demand for those enchants in Mist of Pandaria is unknown right now.

Magic Lamp and Enchanted Lantern: The crafted pet added to Enchanting this time around. To be honest, I’ve played on four servers with access to craft these and flip them to the other side. They are horrible sellers and have been even when Maelstrom became easy to get with the Fireland Vendor selling epics cheap with high rep. You can also buy them from the honor vendor, you’ll no longer be able to spend 700 honor on the relics as those are going away.

Right now, Shards have drop down to under 30g each. Which means to shatter, which only gives you two no matter what the Maelstrom has to be under 80g to make that worth it. Now if you’re crafting the pets, then it wouldn’t matter, you put the price of mats into the Maelstrom not the shards.

The main reason I put Maelstrom on the list of not to stockpile was because the only real reason you’ll need them is the pet, and how often will they sell? Will it be a rare pet? I’m not sure, I can’t find the blue post that listed the pets that are becoming rare.

It only takes one Maelstrom to make them, and if you need the shards which takes 8 of them, then you would need a total of 4 Maelstrom. So it may as well just cost that. Also the Horde version takes 8 Hypnotic Dust and the Alliance version takes only 4 Greater Celestial Essence. Leaves the question, are you stockpiling Greater Celestial Essence too?

The more I look into it, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing to stockpile maybe a few stacks of them just in case, I mean in all truth there is a vendor and you get buy for 130g(I might be wrong in the number) I believe and if you’re in a guild with the perk you have a chance to get two, making the cost half. But I leave you with this question, what price are you seeing them fall at now?

Right now on my server they are still 130g each to about 100g. I can’t see them dropping below the vendor price to which case I would then say buy them, if they drop below the cost in half, 50g or less than you are getting them under vendor price and should buy them.

As I said this could be one of those items that I could be totally wrong about, I just don’t see stockpiling them to be very smart and the use for them is so limited. You wont need them to level enchanting at all and how many people will use them to sell enchants? Will the pets even sell? Right now the only way I’ve successfully sold the pets for profit was flipping it to the other side. Buying the horde version and flipping it to the Alliance side, etc.

Not everyone has the means or tools to do that, because it requires you to have two accounts active and a character in Booty Bay. But it’s a matter of an opinion, this is the reason I feel they aren’t a good item t stockpile. But like I’ve said you should look into your own server and decided that for yourself.

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4 thoughts on “Into the Maelstrom and Beyond”

  1. Just a quick note, but as with everything, Your Server May Vary applies. I’m really not sure what it is on my server, but the past couple of days, I’ve been the only one selling Heavenly Shards, and someone’s actually been willing to pay 120g for them.

    1. Yeah that isn’t totally uncommon even now. On my server right now, Shards have dipped pretty low. In fact checking today Maelstrom has drop to about 100g. I think this happens likely due to the fact they keep coming into the market from 5mans and people still raiding. But no one needs or wants the gear so they get Disenchanted. Then no one needs them for enchants so they just don’t go anywhere.

      A question comes that if you do stockpile some, if they drop low enough in price, would you get the higher price? Granted I believe still that one MoP comes out and they stop running Cata content so much these could hit about half the floor price of the vendor only due to the perk. But I wonder now how many people know you can buy them like that? Also many people may not even have the rep for it too.

  2. One caveat. When experts say to do something, people tend to do it. In this case, that means the prices of things that experts say not to stockpile get put on the AH for very low prices. When that happens, I buy up the items on speculation that the experts may be wrong. I can afford to gamble that way. On occasion the experts are wrong and I make much money from speculating.

    1. I would be the last person to call myself an expert. Far from it. If nothing more when I say, don’t do something it’s more base off data and to get you to think about what could be a bad idea. Some things are just set in stone. Sometimes yes experts can be wrong and most experts don’t take responsibly when they are wrong.

      Such as I looked at Maelstrom and didn’t think they be worth much give their use. The pet I felt wasn’t going to be that big of a deal. But given all the feedback, it seems I might have been wrong and such I update my list and wrote this post.

      Right now they are dropping due to they keep coming into the market and no one is doing anything with them, no one is making enchants or pets, I hardly see them but they are only selling for about 1200g. I’ve posted one and it hasn’t sold in over a month. But again every server is different and you should research your server and and make up your own mind.

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