What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

To say that it has been indeed a long and very strange trip is a bit of an understatement. To be frank I know there are people out there who got the Achievement What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been long before Cataclysm, so you could say that it was easier for everyone after flying mounts was added to the old world.

Either way you want to look at it, it’s not something you can just do, it takes a year or in my case years to do. To be honest with you, it was something I always wanted to do, but then you miss one achievement to one of the holiday events and you simply almost want to say screw it. For me those achievements have always been Lunar Festival, Love is in the Air, Children’s Week and Midsummer.

Lunar Festival: what the hell can I say about this one? It sucks.. you have to do heck of a lot of traveling to get this one done. For the most part over the years that I’ve played the game, and been at a level cap 80 and now 85 where I could do this, I simply do some but never bother to go all the way. This year, 2012 was the year and if I remember it took me nearly the whole event to get them all done. What drove me to do it was to get the BoE Pet to sell, and I end up grinding out 2 of them for later.

Love is in the Air: Never really sure why I never got this one done, I think it was more a matter of just I don’t like doing them, they always require you to do something stupid. I think I had most of these done from last year. This year what drove me to do it was the mount which I farmed up two of them this year to sell in Mist.

Children’s Week: This one is funny, it’s one of those achievements that take you everywhere, questing, pvp, etc. I think the one reason I did some of these the first year I was able to which was 2009 was the fact that time of the year I was always so busy or just did something else and missed out. Looking at my list, I got only two achievements for it in 2009 everything else was done this year.

Midsummer: Just like Lunar Festival it’s one of those events you have to travel all over the damn place and go into Horde Major Cities to grab stuff. Annoying but you can do them. I did this one finally this year as well. Looking back I too only had a few of these done, but I still end up grinding all the way just to be able to get the full set of clothing and the pet. Lucky me I had the chest already so I only needed the shoes and shoulders. The hardest and most annoying part of this event was the Torch Juggler.

When I look back now at the whole thing, I know many people pushed to do this to get the 310 speed mount. Being it was one of the only ones you could get outside of raiding, which was still not easy to get on itself. When Cataclysm was coming out they basically made it 5k to get 310 speed and change this achievement to give you free 310 speed. But like a whole lot of people when Cataclysm dropped so did the 5K for Master Flying.

Personally I think they should give a little bit more to this then the mount and the flight speed as most people who get this post Cataclysm will more than likely already have master flying. That was what I was thinking but the mount.. the Violet Proto-Drake is freaking awesome looking and the first one I’ve gain of that model so I guess for me it doesn’t look boring as the drakes do to me now.

Normally I wouldn’t have bothered, I mean I have my project I’m working on where I have 4 hunters to level to 85 and max professions before Mist of Pandaria comes out, I have gold making articles to writes, hunter guides for Mist of Pandaria, a new website brand to grow and I’m going to be working on YouTube Videos and such. So much going on for me and so little time. But when account wide mounts, I’ll make good use of this mount on my alts simply because of that is why I pushed to get this done.

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