Limited Time For Gold Making

Sometimes we just don’t have the time to do everything we might want to do in the game. Let’s face it, real life and I mean life outside of the world of warcraft comes first. It should always be this way, that is why it’s rather important to have a good set-up so you can quickly post your actions and then move on with your daily life.

What to do?

The best thing to do is come up with a system that works for you. Remember that not everyone is the same, has the same set up of characters. Some might have 10 or more characters they need to check, some might only have one banker for everything. It all depends on your size.

For me, given the nature of how I post, set up my groups in TSM, I use a standard default group that I can use on any server. The data are gathered by a profile for each server and side I’m on. This way my data isn’t static or lower than what I might be able to get.

My set up for my main server looks something like this:

  • Focushot: Main, posts all my Engineering and Jewelcrafting Auctions as well as flipping items..
  • Shadowolz: Alt, posts all my Enchanting some Alchemy and 77-80 Greens.
  • Kalashot: Alt, posts all my Leatherworking and raw leather.
  • Kaimatrix: Crafter, posts all my Blacksmithing and Mining Bars.
  • Naarultra: Crafter, posts all my Inscription and Raw Herbs.
  • Soulcharka: Banker, posts all vendor items, pets and any misc item including some BoE that’s not Transmog
  • Runods: Banker, posts all my transmog items.

Main, Alt, Crafter and banker?

I’m sure most people understand what they all mean. One thing however that all my characters are pretty much all of them. My main is also a crafter and a banker. Everyone is different in how they set up their posting, I post my items as I said on the character that makes it. I use my main as the character I flip items on. Some people don’t like to flip items on their main. Given that all my characters are known to be mine there is no point in be secret about it.

There is only one real different between my Alt and Crafter, which is my Alt I actively play some times as much as my main. I gear them, I play them, earn achievements on, etc. Sometimes I do things on my alts I don’t on my mains. Now with account-wide achievements it really doesn’t matter who my main is. It’s more that I’m known as Focushot but I might play Shadowolz more in some cases for any reason.

My crafting characters generally just sit at the mail box and collect mail and craft and post. They are the ones I login but don’t do much more than that. Then as you can guess I have my bankers which I just post items and don’t craft on them at all.

Guild Bank?

I do have guild banks but really not setup the ideal way I would have them. The way I would have my guild banks set up would be to have my Main and Alts in the same guild or different guilds to gain guild perks. I would then have my crafters each in their own guild to store mats. The bankers would have guild banks to store items general or to be use as overflow. For example if I run out of room in my crafter guild banks.

Ideally my set up would be this:

  • Focushot: In a raiding/pvp guild.
  • Shadowolz: In a raiding/pvp guild.
  • Kalashot: In a raiding/pvp guild.
  • Kaimatrix: Guild Bank that Stores Raw Mats.
  • Naarultra: Guild Bank that Stores Raw Mats.
  • Soulcharka: Guild Bank that Stores general items.
  • Runods: Guild Bank that Stores Transmog Gear.

Currently that isn’t how I have things. One of my crafters is in the same guild as my main, one of my alts has a guild bank. One of my bankers is in a normal guild (not one I own so no guild bank access) and another doesn’t have a guild. At some point I need to move some characters around.

There are many things I liked to do, but I think setting up a guild banks system would do another post. So for now I’d like to know how you have your bankers and crafters set up?

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