How to Make Gold at Low Levels

Just a few weeks ago I team up with a fellow Twitter follower @HoneyTrap2 on the EU servers; yes that’s right I’ve rolled a Blood Elf Hunter on the EU. I’ve always wanted to play on the EU, I’ve heard that they have some pretty awesome PVP guilds out there and some of the best players. Plus for me I always find myself having free time where I could play on Tuesdays go figure.

Today however I’m not going to be talking about my experience on the EU servers having been an US player for so long. No today I’m gonna bring you some quick gold tips for low-level characters.

Many people have discuss this topic, I found that this would be a good time for me as they relate to Hunters but really this applies to any low-level character who like me have zero access to a higher level character.

First thing to do simply is to just level, unless you simply there to make gold as a level 1, this gold tip is for people starting out on a new server or just starting the game for the first time.

On my first batch run to the Auction House once I hit level 10, I found myself with some leather (I’m a skinner, Enchanter), some dust, some cloth a few gems and my starter gear. My first set of sales seen below in TSM Accounting I pulled about 17g. This includes the gold I had from quests.

As you can see here that’s not too bad, some stuff didn’t sell but that’s alright. The idea of the first wave as I called it was to build some capital up to move to the real money makers, vendor goods.

What to Sell at Low levels

  • Starter Gear; The chest and leggs you start off are great to start off with, sell for up to 1k depending on class and rare.
  • Copper Rod; Buy 2 and sell the from 1g to 15g.
  • Recipes; If you’re lucky while leveling you may get some, Check out Faid’s Guide on Vendor Recipes.
  • Strong Fishing Pole; A great seller if it’s the Darkmoon Fair week, still doesn’t hurt.
  • Refreshing Spring Water; Buy from the vendor or what you gather by leveling.
  • Leather; Skinning a low-level is great and everything you kill you can basically skin from 1-10.
  • Vendor Pets; Once you get some gold under your belt, if one sells buy another, generally good gold makers.
  • Enchanting Dust; Pick up Enchanting and disenchanted what gear you don’t need, save the BoE’s however.
  • Vellums; Check the prices, if the price is double the vendor sell 10 at a time in singles.
  • Raw Gems; Low level mobs drop them, if you’re lucky you may pic up a few.
  • Cloth; Generally flooded markets but still worth selling what you gather while questing.

What’s great about low-level gold making is the number of options you have is massive and the profits can be huge! On the US realms, I made my first 3k off just by selling my staring gear as a Orc Hunter. Everyone has their little pet peeves when it comes low-level gold making, my list isn’t by far a complete list. There are the cooking dailies as well which many talk about, more vendor pets, etc. How much time you put into it really is up to you. What is your favorite gold making strategy at lower levels? Let me know leave a comment below.

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