HunterMastery Podcast: Episode Zero

Hello everyone today may be something new for everyone who is a current reader or maybe you’re a new reader. I’ve talked about doing a podcast a few times in the past but I simply never had the drive to do one. Well today marks the end of that. I’ve released my first podcast!

The Hunter Mastery Podcast is going to be something I’m going to hopefully do on a weekly basis. I’m not sure how people will take to it. I’ve gotten some really good feedback on twitter that I’ve given good tips and people overall enjoyed the Power Word Gold Podcast Episode 36. That on itself has really put a fire under me to do it.

Now it’s not perfect, I didn’t ask anyone really how to do this. I simply had a general idea of how to do it and I just did it. As a result I made a whole lot of mistakes and found speaking to myself in the room even with an outline of what I wanted to talk about was hard to do.

Intro to the Mastery – Episode Zero

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Show Notes

  • Intro to the Mastery was recorded on July 7th 2012 and July 8th 2012
  • Music used in this episode are all labeled under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
  • Intro and Outro “Challenge” Demo by
  • Show music via World of Warcraft music “Mists of Pandaria Beta”, “The Shattering” and “Icecrown Citadel”

If you have gold making or hunter related question and would like them to be answer on future Podcast; e-mail Focushot at

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