Hunter Project

There was this time a long time ago when a small podcast, called Call to Auction ran. One of the deals they talked about was the power of having ten max level characters, all with Alchemy as one of their professions. The reason was the transmute cooldown.

Now as it comes to stand, this was back in Wrath of the Lich King, and leaves you to wonder if that information still holds true for today. Well, not long ago I listed too all 27 episodes of Call to Auction and I must say that they really still held up the test of time.

It remind me of the deal, and I thought.. why don’t I have more than one hunter? As I talked about in my post Future Plans, I ideal was going to roll a character on Argent Dawn. My first hunter there, Kalashot made it level 59 before I decided it was a bust.

Why? Well simply put, I didn’t realize that was the server Faid (@GoClockworkRiot) is on, and if you read my post where I review her guide, I decided that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to try to go up against such a well-known gold maker.

After all I want to be my own man, and make gold on my own. While it may be cool to try to go up against her massive army she has and try to make a million gold; I just wanted to be on my own server.

What is the Project?

The project is basically to have 10 characters with Alchemy. Seeing as come Mist of Pandaria we’ll get 11, I can still have my main without Alchemy and still have 10 cooldowns to use. This will keep me busy until Mist of Pandaria drops, which I’m hoping to power level my main to 90 and gear it for pve as quickly as I can, then in my off time farm and grind my pvp hunter to 90 and gear her up; the rest will follow suit over time but no rush to reach max level unless I need too.

If you check out the Hunter Project page, you can check out the chart which I’m going to discuss here. My two bank toons overall will be my Shaman and Death Knight, while right now my Shaman is holding two professions that I need; Inscription and Tailoring.

The plan for this is to keep them on my shaman until my Draenei Hunter is of age to take over for Inscription and Tailoring will have to wait well into Mist of Pandaria. I’ll keep it on my shaman and hopefully make use of the 16 slot bags in Pandaria.

There is a question however, about my Death Knight and my paladin. Right now for leveling reasons both will start off with both gathering professions. Ideally I want to have only one on them and the other be Alchemy. The plan here is to get my Death Knight up to level to at least be able to farm Pandaria level nods.

So why Hunters?

Why not? I love hunters, this blog is about hunters, my first ever max level character in World of Warcraft was a hunter in Wrath of the Lich King, I play a range class best. I really suck at healing, I’m not very good at tanking, in fact i get oddly more nervous tanking with other I suppose you could say “Real” tank classes then I do pet tanking. To be honest I have this deep hope that they do away with Pure DPS classes and make Beast Mastery a Tank spec (I might write-up a what if about what ideal this could be).

Plus I think it be cool to have a profession army of hunters, it’ll allow me to raid and pvp at different levels and you know, if someone says. Oh we need you to bring this class. Well I wont be able too.. I only have hunters. So please let me know what you think? I haven’t really heard of anyone doing something like this. I know people have had more than one of any given class because they love leveling them and playing them. Comment and let me know what you think.

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