Hunter Mastery Podcast Episode 1

Hello everyone, I really need to thank everyone for all the kind words and feedback you gave me. I need to take the moment to apology for the quality of the sound. The first part of the podcast is rather good in terms of content, I was on a roll but end up having to stop due to some drama at home.

I end up feeling rather sick that evening and into most of today and almost didn’t even get the podcast done. In fact I was in bed most of the day. Thankfully I got the will to get out of bed and finish the podcast for everyone. I think maybe I need to start recording earlier in the week.

What I’ve been trying to do is record on Saturday at some point and then release the podcast Sunday or Monday. it’s one of those things I want to get out to everyone as soon as I can. The sooner I do, the sooner I get feedback and the better I can make the podcast.

Who Let the Stables Out! Episode 1

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Show Notes

If you have gold making or hunter related question and would like them to be answer on future Podcast; e-mail Focushot at

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