Huntard Tuesday – I Gemed for Intellect

Sometimes us hunters can do some really funny things that makes other classes just scratch their heads and call us a “Huntard” No matter how good you think you are, we ALL have that moment we just smack our heads on the table; did I just do that? Today marks Huntard Tuesday, a day we look back at past huntard moments hoping that future hunters wont make the same.

This week’s story is still fresh in my head and was one of those moments you realize that you have too much gold, and result of that you can some times just not look at what you buying. Even us Hunters can make gold making mistakes.

It was middle of the week, a guild member and myself where going to run some 2s together that evening. He’s an Arms Warrior, full Cataclysm gear to myself I still have ways to go for the most part. I wouldn’t say I’m a horrible hunter in PVP but I’m solid at it.

Well I run as Beast Master, I love it in PVP more so than Marks, in PVP you want to stack Mastery over Critical Strike. I know it’s a weird little difference where if it was PVE I would want Critical Strike over Mastery. Well I had upgraded some gear that evening as well and I had some Cataclysm Gear which had Agility and Critical strike Epic gems. I knew I needed to change those to the Agility and Mastery ones, because it would be better for me.

Totally forgetting to buy the gems when I was on that earlier morning, I figure no big deal I’ll buy them when I come on later that night. Well I was late as heck from the time I said I be on. I don’t think he was mad too much at me over it. But I can tell you after 2 hours and about 15 matches later.. he raged quit on me.

So what happen? Basically I had run to the Auction house and pick up two gems that I needed. Thinking I had pick up Agility and Master Epic Gems, which cost me about 800g each. We only won 2 matches the whole night, I logged pissed you could say.

Next day I check my armory and noticed something weird. Intellect and Mastery!? What the fuck? I login into game and sure enough the two gems I needed (one for my shoulders and chest) indeed had Intellect and Mastery gems. And they say we Gem for Strength RIGHT!

When you think about it, it’s almost funny that after the 5th lost he would have looked at my gear or something. To see maybe I had the wrong gear on or something or maybe I didn’t have enough gear. The sad thing is at one point in the night he was just quiet on vent. I think maybe he did look and saw the gems.. and just smack his head on the desk.

So tell me, what is your Huntard Story? Leave me a comment below!

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