Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway

I have some great news today off what I normally post. If you’re following me on Twitter, last night you’d be aware that I posted about getting another Hearthstone beta key. Now I haven’t spoken too much about it because while it’s warcraft related it’s not really related to the content I write about here. But this is something I need to talk about.

Last night I was checking my email and I saw I had another email from Blizzard about Hearthstone and it was another Beta Key. At first I figure it was some scam email but when I looked at it and compared it to the other one I got a month ago, it’s the same email. The only difference was the opening.

Heroes of Warcraft Beta Test

As you can see, this was sent to me for being part of the Battle.net® desktop app. Which is honestly his awesome because guess what? I already got my beta invite which means the key they just gave me I can give away! That’s right while I could just give the key to one of my friends and call it a day I feel that I need to give it away to the people who matter. That’s you, the people who have followed me on Twitter, Facebook and of course, Hunter Mastery.

How do I Win the Key?

Last night after I posted about having another key, I got a sting of people wanting it and trust me as I said on Twitter; I’d love to give everyone who asked me one. All of you are awesome, but I don’t have that power to ask Blizzard for Keys and just give them away to everyone. But I have this key and I’m willing to give it away for free.

Here is how you can enter.
For each of the following you do will get entered into the contest. Of course the more you do the better your chances.

  1. First of all, you need to comment on this blog post. This is required.
  2. Follow Hunter Mastery on Twitter, if you already are send me a tweet saying you’ve already followed me.
  3. Retweet this post.
  4. Link Hunter Mastery on Facebook.
  5. Link this post on Facebook.
  6. Share this post on Facebook.

Here is how you’ll be entered for each of the above actions you take:

  • First comment on this Post: 5 Entries If you don’t do this one none of the others will count.
  • Every other comment on this website will get you 1 Entry.
  • For every retweet of this post you’ll get 2 Entries, for all other posts you’ll get just 1. Please do not spam.
  • For liking Hunter Mastery Facebook you’ll get 5 Entries, for every posts you like you’ll get 2 Entries.
  • For Every posts you share on Facebook you’ll get 1 Entry.

So basically if you do each one once you’ll earn a total of 17 entries, that’s doing everything just once. As you can see you could share a number of posts, comment on a number of posts and retweet them as well and even link them. This opens it up to everyone, you all have an equal chance to win. There will be no cheating and please if you spam the comments with pointless comments you won’t get your entries and I’ll delete the comments.

This also means don’t post a comment saying you want the key, least be a bit more meaningful about it. Tell me why you want it, after all everyone wants one and to be honest I believe at the end of this month or next month they are doing an open beta.

Don’t spam Twitter either with shares or Facebook. It’s not cool, this contest will run until Sunday November 17 2013, so you’ll have 4 days to make your shares and tweets. Seriously if you spam you can forget getting the key, it’s not cool and yes this is about sharing Hunter Mastery with more people, and you know what? The more people I have maybe I’ll get notice by Blizzard and might get future beta keys to give away.

That is how it works with some of the big time people who get free keys to giveaway. But you know, you don’t have to do any of that. All you have to do is comment on this post and that’s all, if you don’t agree with sharing Hunter Master content on Twitter and Facebook. It just will limited you to just 5 entries.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or post a comment. The key is real and is not fake, if you do win the key I’ll contact you by email you use on your comment on this post. If you don’t respond to the email within 24 hours I’ll give the key to the next person. If this contest goes well I might do more of them in the future.

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226 thoughts on “Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway”

  1. Hey man, thanks for doing this. A key would be much appreciated
    RT’ed and followed you on twitter @mikkel_theis

  2. Gl everyone! Rly want a key since 3 of my friends got one from the last blizzard wave with keys and they’re all playin it now.

  3. I want this game so badly, been watching streams preparing myself forever now, haha.
    Anyway, GL to you all!

  4. Thanks for doing the giveaway. I’ve played Hearthstone on a friends computer and loved it, I really would like to play in the closed beta.

  5. id love to get the key, im a big fan of blizzard overall and would love to try out hearthstone. my gf already got a key so shes teasing me about playing hearthstone herself : (
    i btw really appreciate what you are doing and will spread the word about you : D
    thanks for doing this!

  6. Would love a beta key, all my friends have one, even though they didn’t put in any effort. :D
    Also, good luck to everyone…

  7. thats great that u are helping others out i wanted to help with feedback etc. for this game and have entered many contest with no luck yet ;/ anyhow very nice of u to help others out ^5s bro

  8. Been playing on a friend’s account for 4 months now -_- but he’s now back to WOW…so just key me alrdy -_- I’ll even report bugs… just stop being dumb blizzard :(

  9. What can I say. Scouring the web hoping to find a way to get a key. Here’s to luck and meeting you guys in the arena!

  10. I would so like a key. Been waiting for awhile and watched my friends receive one. Just Want to Play!!

  11. Do I want a beta key? YES. I’m not going to waste your time telling you how much time I’ve spended chasing a beta key. However I will tell you how much I’m looking forward to playing the game. I have several decks planned and I try to keep update by following the official forums.
    Best of luck to all of you! :)

  12. Hey man! I’d love to win a key! I’m currently in a phase where all the games I play are getting pretty boring and the only future game I’m looking forward to is this and the new WoW expansion so I have a while. Thanks!

  13. Hey just want to say thanks for doing this, I really want the key because all my friends have HS and I want to play with them. Good luck to everyone!

  14. Hunter in WoW for 8 years. Tried out the Hearthstone beta last weekend while visiting friends for Blizzcon and now i’m hooked. Would love to play with my friends!

  15. Did everything required, hope for the best! Been waiting to get together with my friends to play this game since forever and none of us has it so..good luck to everyone

  16. i wanna play this game so badly. :( its so great. after 1+ mounth of giveaways still no luck. god pls help me here. :/

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