Gold Making Past, Present and Future

Everyone has been talking about stockpiling, with less than 2 months left now until Mist of Pandaria drops in stores the time to stockpile is slowly coming to a close. Keep in mind however it’s really never too late and I’m going to jump out and say that the closer it gets the more players will dump their current mats.

But also I’ve noticed that on some items which in the past, would have hit rock bottom have been holding at solid prices. I can think of one reason why; there are just more players playing the auction house. More of them read gold making blogs and as a result more people know.

Back in My Day

Looking back at Wrath of the Lich King when I myself was new to this whole stockpiling idea, there where not a whole lot of blogs out there. In fact there was only really one, and we all know that was JMTC and the JMTC forums. We had Call to Auction and that was about it. I’m aware there where other blogs and podcasts around but they where far too unknown for most readers to notice.

JMTC was the go-to-blog for everything, the gold guide they sold was the best out there, and the forums had a host of great players who knew their stuff. However something was missing back then.. that now exists; promoting other blogs. This just didn’t happen back then. Not until after JMTC was well on its way to going out of style as they would say.

Back then, there wasn’t many community leaders out there who went out of their way to promote their fellow bloggers. The way I saw it, there was two set communities; There was JMTC and then everyone else. It wasn’t until the JMTC meetings did this even start to see the light and that was well after the fact and Cataclysm was here for months already.

The Now and Beyond

Today’s blogging community has grown, changed and reinvented itself. There are a host of them and I could never named them all and be fair about it. The point is that all of this players have one thing in common. They aren’t out for themselves as much as JMTC was. Their blogs aren’t some money grabbing machine only designed to make them money and fame.

With so many different ways to promote another blog, not just with a simply blog post such as this, but we have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Podcasting, Livestreams and even Google Hangouts. All of these things while some of them existed back then wasn’t used as much. Least not in the way they are today.

It’s my firm believe that in order for a community to keep going, it needs a community leader(s) someone or a group of people who set the standard for everyone else. The world is full of sheep and wolves, not everyone can be a wolf sadly. Back in the day, that wolf was JMTC, today the wolves have grown into a much stronger pack. I truly believe there are a few out there who can rise above the drama, the backstabbing and the lies I’ve seen over the years.

The future of Gold Making blogs rides on this, will they all be around this time when Mist is going out and the next WoW Expansion is coming out? The future is rather bright and in a better place to be honest. I hope I’m still around when that day comes and able to look back again.

Just remember one little thing if you’ve read this far, it’s not about the numbers it’s about community, it’s about treating others the way you wish to be treated. That applies to everything in life, so if you see a small time blogger trying to get his feet wet, don’t shun them away, embrace them, help them.. someday they could be the one I’m talking about today.

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