For The Horde

I’ve been playing the game again, a whole lot however has changed. I’ve decided to move to a new server, one that’s the same as my old main server Darkspear, however its a connected realm.

Having the option of 33 characters on one server is going to be awesome. Right now I’m starting out with three toons, a hunter as my main, a warlock and a death knight. The reasons for the three choices are simple.

First the hunter choice was easy, this is a hunter blog. A warlock another pet class and the one I haven’t ever been able to level past the 20s. The death knight was an easy choice because I start at level 55.

I’ve talked about it some on twitter, that this time I’m finally going Horde for good. You may ask about my old toons. They are still there, a lesson to be learned and at most if I level ally toons on one of the servers I’ll be moving my old main. I might do that before [amazon text=Warlords of Draenor&chan=default&asin=B00GLZQO30].

Speaking of that, the new instant level 90 feature for 60 bucks is out. The reason I won’t talk about too much is because this isn’t a news site. I find reposting news is pointless. I will comment that I’ll take my free one when I get Warlords beyond that I might do it once if I have the money.

So what is my goal? Well its to make gold, right now I’m at 400g I haven’t decided on the market I’ll be doing. Truth be told I only have time for one and really only two come to mind.

That being said I’ll leave it at that, I’m gonna head off now and do some leveling but most of all I’m going to have fun. No more worrying about this or that. It’s about enjoying the game. For all we know we could be into the final age of the game.

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