Farming Spot: Eternal Fire

Today’s post is sort of one of those blast from the past kind of posts. This is an old Wrath of the Lich King farming spot and I’m sure everyone under the sun knows about it. At least at some point if you where like me, before they added the Frozen Orb vendor into the game, this was the hot spot to farming Eternal Fire.

Basically what you’re farming here are Crystallized Fire off of Seething Revenant in Storm Peaks. Why was I farming them in the first place? Good question, well to be honest I wasn’t. I was doing The Sons of Hodir quest chain on Kalashot so I could get at least honored and pick up the mining bag to sell.

While over there questing, I stopped and thought to myself. Well dang I remember coming over here and fighting like 20 other players for mobs so I could farm up those dang Crystallized Fire’s to turn into Eternal Fire to sell on the Auction House.

Back then also I would be doing dailies which was required to get exalted with The Sons of Hodir. I can tell you that it was a grind from hell that I told myself I would never do again. As such none of my level 80’s plus characters beyond my main have ever touched the zone.

I figure, well I need that mining bag so I may as well.. and turns out that with the Guild Perk, some sort of speed up to the rep gain with them it’s much faster and not such a grind now. At the moment I reached the end and got the starting rep with them so I wasn’t hated anymore, I was 1 point off from Revered with them. What a change that is!

So for those who remember this farming spot, go on and hit me up with some stories of those days. Right now if you find that fires sell for a high price on your server and buying Frozen Orbs is too costly to trade in. You could totally farm these here, the best part is no one will be around so no need to fight for the mobs like back in the days of Wrath.

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10 thoughts on “Farming Spot: Eternal Fire”

  1. SouthEast Corner of Wintergrasp ( Cauldron of Flame?) is a much better spot. Especially for an Engineer where 2-3 flame clouds spawn and award even more motes.

    1. Which is a fine spot if your an engineer but not everyone farming is an engineer. Also you’re in a pvp zone if your farm there. Have to keep that in mind too, granted if your on a pvp server it wont matter either way. But for people who are on pve servers who don’t care for pvp, farming in Wintergrasp can be a bother. But granted not many players are in the zone to start with. So it’s a toss up.

      Personally, even if you are an engineer, in one hour farming there, I only got maybe 3 cloud spawns and there are only maybe 4-5 Elements and you tend to have to wait. Where as Storm Peaks is a questing zone and the elements have a higher spawn rate and there are more of them in the spot. I only ever saw one cloud spawn there ever however.

  2. I’m personally not so sure that in terms of GPH this is really the best option. The drop rate is still average at best & on PvP servers, it can still be a hit and miss affair.

    With gear scaling now making heroic LK dungeons straight forward for most specs, I personally find just grinding heroic dungeons for Orbs to trade combines a ‘safe’ PvP environment to farm and opens up opportunities for gaining other sellable items in the process.

    Farm elementals is a little one dimension, quickly becomes boring and doesn’t compare as well (IMHO) and dungeon grinding.

    This will change with the gold drop nerfs from dungeons coming in MOP, but at least for the next month and a half you can enjoy instance farming for profit and a good use for those Orbs that will drop off every LK Heroic boss (and LK dungeons are usually fairly quick).

    1. If you’re on a PVP server and you don’t want to take part in PVP, to be totally honest why are you on a PVP server? Generally you wont find many gold makers farming on a PVP server being they generally don’t want to deal with PVP. At least when I was on a PVP server back in Wrath I hardly ever farmed, even know I was on a low pop horde controlled server (and I was on the horde side).

      That being said, you are capped however with how many orbs you can farm per day. I can’t remember how many LK heroics there are, but you can only do them once a day and you only get one orb at the end of the run. Sure if you’re looking to get the most out of your time farming, if you are also an enchanter, you get more then just the orb, you get greens and blues as well as Epics to DE for mats to sell or use to make scrolls. You can also grind out those old LK reps if you never got them in wrath or whatever the cast. Sure there are better ways to farm something it comes down to best use of time.

      As I said this was the spot the farm up those fires back in wrath when Fires where in high demand. Keep in mind too this was before they added the trade in vendor for the orbs. Which if I’m not mistaken that didn’t come around until patch 3.5 hit, when ICC first came out so that was the last 2 years of wrath basically.

  3. No WG zone is way better than the other spot. I’m not sure what you are talking about because if you have control of WG and are farming the cauldron, there is no Wait time on spawns and in an hour you will get way for than 3 clouds. Hell there can be 3 up at one time as you show up and their spawn rate is far shorter than an hour each.

    Of course, if you dont have WG control, you shouldn’t be farming there anyways.

    1. That is what I mean, it may be more ideal but there are factors. Controlling WG for one. Then are we talking if your 85 or not. If your not 85 and doing that.. very dangerous. But again, how many people really go to WG these days? It’s sad because I felt it was the best pvp open world zone they had ever done. I guess that however is a topic for another day.. :D

  4. By the same token though, the average mean across all realms for an eternal fire is less than 50g. You also have to consider how that will equate in GPH and whether your time is better spent on other things.

    If you really need Eternal Fires, then is it cheaper/easier to farm them directly or go with other higher GPH options and just buy them off the AH?

    There’s many ways to skin a cat and as any seasoned goblin knows, time is money. Getting the most out of farming time whether to turn a profit or gain access to a specific item comes down to many factors granted, but I think it’s fair to say since Cata that farming elementals directly for either mats or profit isn’t the best way to achieve the result any more.

    Whilst there’s a limitation on the number of heroics you can run per day in Wrath, consider also the potential drops of all types that exist in such places and you can definitely argue that in terms of GPH the upside potential far exceeds just farming elementals in the open world.

    Something to consider anyway.

    1. Yes I agree I think the main point is I was simply looking back at a old farming spot that everyone use to farm back in the day. Not that I’m saying you should go farm fires nor I’m saying that is the best place to farm them. I think that is what everyone who reads my post needs to consider as well. I was simply in the area and laughed at myself that I use to farm over there when I was doing dailies.

      However the discussion still reminds that no matter what your farming you need to look at the potential of what your farming and doing it the best way to make the most out of your time. That must I agree with.

  5. I used to farm in the Wintergrasp area a lot – when I’d run out of fire elementals, I’d run along the edge killing the air elementals to the green patch at the other end & farm there too. Couple of laps like that & I usually had all I needed. These days, I just keep any that drop when I’m levelling & send them all to the 1 alt.

    1. I never did farm much in Wintergrasp back in wrath. I guess back then I was on a high pop server and was rather balance between horde and alliance so yeah it was rather fun time with the world pvp then.

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