Faid’s Ultimate Recipe Guide Review

Today I’m going to be reviewing a product which I’ve been itching to do for some time now, it’s called Ultimate Alliance/Horde Recipe Collection. have no affiliation with them the creators of this World of Warcraft gold guide, yes this is how to make gold with vendor recipes. You will not find any hidden links with-in this review nor do I get any money for this review let alone any lend way or special deal, that being said.

For those of you who don’t know who Faid @GoClockworkRiot is, she’s a World of Warcraft Blogger, You Tuber, Gold Maker and semi-active Live Streamer. It wasn’t too long ago that she decided to re-lunch her blog, www.clockworkriot.com.

What is Ultimate Recipe Collection?

The Ultimate Recipe Collection is a PDF file which basically the simple way to put it, it’s a guide that outlines the different patterns and recipes in the game that are on vendors. It does not include the ones that you find off bosses or world mobs, this is only ones you pick up off a vendor.

My first impression of the guide was simple, holy crap the font to this thing is massive. Which I found good simply because I’ve seen many guides out there with text so small you can’t even read them. Even on the sales page, the first thing you see is that she outlines that this is a simple definitive list of vendor recipes available on the net.

A simple search on WOWHead.com and you’ll be able to find every recipe in the game, maps, location, if they are on a spawn timer, the drop rates (given some only sell a few), etc. This information is free and you don’t even need an account to find this stuff. That being said this isn’t a simple case of a copy-paste ordeal like some guides end up being (with a few words changed here and there).

How much does it cost?

It’s pretty cheap, the whole guide itself will run you $4 USD. The guide is sold in two parts, an Alliance version and Horde version (I pick up the Alliance version). Each part cost you only $2 bucks so when you stop and think about it, spending $2 bucks of a collection list of recipes you can get for free isn’t that bad at all.

My one issue with the way this guide is sold, it’s being sold by a 3rd party website, which doesn’t accept PayPal. You must have a credit card and that even for me put me off from wanting to buy. Just because YOU trust the company you’re selling your guide with doesn’t mean those who want to maybe buy it will.

Is it worth the Tag Price?

Yes and no, to be 100% honest with you I don’t find it worth it, yes it’s a nice list. Or I should say it’s an outline, but that’s about it. It tells you some information about where you should go and a path, but there’s no visible aid like a map, with a red line drawing the quickest routes for you to take. That being said it is a great small cheap guide if you’re new to gold making and want to start selling recipes.

While it may just be a PDA that you can’t even download (at least I couldn’t), you have to view it on the 3rd party website. I find this BAD simply because what if this site goes down? I do understand this it to keep people from pirating it. But still it’s very annoying to me and makes the cheapness of the guide more a turn off.

I personally don’t find the guide worth buying simply because you can get the same information and in better format on wowhead. And if you’ve been making gold for any amount of time chances are you already have installed both GatherMate 2 (with GatherMate 2 Data) and RecipeProfit for Gathermate 2.

So that finally leaves us with why did I bother to review this guide if in the end I find it not worth it. For the time and effort I know it took her to write this up, for a a few bucks value, I think it’s a great deal for new people. Do not get me wrong, this is just one man’s opinion, she did great work with this. My hats off to her for doing the work and only asking for a small fee. I want to stress this, but it’s so plain and lacks as a real gold making guide, it be better as a tool, not a guide. To each their own, I’m just not too thrilled about paid World of Warcraft guides.

In the end, this information is online for free and I personally am tired of players making “gold” guides and trying to sell them as if you can’t make gold without this information. Take this for face value, unlike others out there, she tells you what you’re buying and nothing more, which gives it a better value then the others out there. NOT lying or trying to trick you into thinking there is some hidden secrets here you wont find else where. For at least not being like everyone else, my hats off to Faid.

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