How to get the Darkmoon Faire Pets

The Darkmoon Faire is one of those daily questing hubs that comes around once a month in the first week. The new Darkmoon Faire Island has been out for months now, with Patch 4.3. Many players at this point have collected everything there is to collected, do all the achievements that you can do solo, etc.

To get ready for Mist of Pandaria, today I’ll show you how to get all the pets for the up-coming Pet Battle System. You don’t need to have them all on one character nor do you need to do the dailies.

This method requires that you have at least 6 level 85 characters. There are some turn-ins you need to be level 85 for in-order to get the quests.

One of the cool things about the Darkmoon Faire is that while there are daily quests that give you only 5 tickets a day for a week which would give you a total of 35 tickets a month. There are weekly quests turn ins as well to give you even more tickets per month.

Profession Tickets

Out of the 5 dailies you get each day you get a Darkmoon Faire Artifacts which can be turn in for tickets, each turn-in ranges from 5 tickets to 15. There is also monthly profession quest:

  • Engineering – Tickets 4
  • Jewelcrafting – Tickets 4
  • Blacksmithing – Tickets 4
  • Enchanting – Tickets 4
  • Leatherworking – Tickets 4
  • Inscription – Tickets 4
  • Tailoring – Tickets 4
  • Alchemy – Tickets 4
  • Mining – Tickets 4
  • Herbalism – Tickets 4
  • Skinning – Tickets 4
  • Fishing – Tickets 3
  • First Aid – Tickets 3
  • Cooking – Tickets 3
  • Archaeology – Tickets 3

The profession quests are broke into two groups, the main profession and secondary professions. You can only do two of the main profession quest each month and all four of the secondary professions.

The main professions each give you a total of 4 tickets each, totally of 8 tickets each month. The secondary profession gives 3 tickets each for a total of 12. At the end of each month doing all your profession quests will give you 20 tickets total.

Darkmoon Faire Artifacts

You have a few ways to collect them, in pvp and in pve content. The first is pve and that requires a bit of farming on your part by doing 5-man content or raids.

They drop off end bosses in dungeons, however they only drop off some bosses of the same level. There are also pvp ones which you can only get by looting a player’s body in a battleground. Turning in all the artifacts will give you a total of 8580 tickets.

Now I personally farm them off the Auction House, and I do this by a Auctionator Shopping List. You can also make a TSM Shopping List or a TSM Dealfinding List. I would recommend to farm them on the off week after the fair as players tend to just want to get rid of them so you’ll find them at the lowest price after the fair.


***Darkmoon Artifacts
A Treatise on Strategy
Adventurer's Journal
Banner of the Fallen
Captured Insignia
Imbued Crystal
Monstrous Egg
Mysterious Grimoire
Ornate Weapon
Soothsayer's Runes

TSM Shopping List


TSM Dealfinding List


Which option should I use?

Depending on what add-on’s you use. I personally use Auctionator for buying because I find its search feature to be simple and to the point. TSM has updates and is better but still is not ideal in my opinion and needs much work still. You can also you TSM Shopping or TSM Dealfinding if you prefer to use TSM.

If you don’t really care how much you spend on them, you can use the Shopping List which will simply give you all of them if they are on the Auction House. If you use Dealfinding, you set each on to the highest price you’re willing to pay and then TSM will search and only show you the items on the list that are under your price.

For example if you only want to spend 200g each on, if the price currently is 201g, it wont show the item as it’s above the price you are willing to pay.

How to get the Pets

By doing the Profession Quests and your Artifact turn-ins you should have a total of 99 tickets. You have the option of doing the dailies if you want to get extra tickets, but it’s not needed. Each pet only cost 100 tickets, leaving you 10 tickets for use the next month’s fair.

What you do is simply login your first 85, given them a set of the artifacts and go turn them in. Do that characters profession quests and then buy the first pet. Repeat this profess on the other 5 until you have every Darkmoon Faire pet. One on each of your characters.

Then when the patch hits, you simply need to login to each character so the game will know what pets you have. Now all your characters including your main will have all the Darkmoon Faire Pets. They area also I believe going to be all rare level pets and what’s even better is I believe you can cage them.

I haven’t tested this on the beta yet, but ideally if you have more than 6 85s, even if you have them say on different servers you can get each on your characters then come the patch you can cage them and sell them. Even sell them across server. I’ll be talking about how to make gold at low levels with the pet battle system in a coming post this week.

Edit: I had a few math errors, I forgot to count First Aid and some how double counted a pvp artifact which knocked my numbers off a small amount, only by like 3 tickets. Either way, you still have enough to get one pet a character.

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13 thoughts on “How to get the Darkmoon Faire Pets”

  1. You can get even more tickets if you’re willing to drop your profession and learn a new one. By dropping and learning professions up to lvl 75 you can earn a lot more tickets. Keep in mind the extra skill points you gain from the Darkmoon Fairer quest and plan accordingly for the professions you plan to keep (hint: do those quests last).

    1. Doing so isn’t idea because you have to be at least skill level 150 I believe someone can correct me if I’m wrong there. You can get nearly all the tickets just by doing the artifact turn-ins and then do the 5 dailies once to give you 90 tickets which will give you 1 pet also.

      Personally the cost blacksmithing, jewelcrafting and maybe engineering to level 150, drop just to get extra tickets isn’t at all recommended. Even if you can do that, it would cost you far too much time and gold just for an extra tickets at the end of the day.

      In fact if anyone has done this please let me know because I think doing that would be a big waste of time. But that’s just me.

  2. You can actually earn 44 tickets from the profession quests if you’re willing to drop and relearn each prof up to prof lvl 75. Keep in mind the extra 5 skill lvls you get and plan the profs you want to keep accordingly (hint: do those last).

  3. There are serious math issues with your accounting here that really detract from the article.

    2 Primary Professions = 4 + 4 = 8 tickets
    4 Secondary Professions = 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 12 tickets

    Total tickets available per month from professions (without switching trades) = 20 tickets

    Total tickets available from Darkmoon Artifact turn ins (taking your numbers on faith here, perhaps I should not) = 85 tickets

    Total tickets available without doing daily quests in a given month = 105 tickets

    Total tickets available from doing Darkmoon Faire daily quests = 8 x 5 = 40 tickets*

    Total tickets available per month from Darkmoon Faire maxing out all sources = 145 tickets

    *By logging in at midnight on the Saturday just before the Faire goes live in a given month you can do the dailies an 8th time in a week before the 2:00 AM Sunday daily quest reset.

    1. I’m trying to figure out where you’re seeing a ‘match issue’ here unless I forgot to update a number or something. I know I forgot to add in first aid to the list and I may not have updated the numbers. Either way you still make 90 tickets by doing really nothing so what is the problem? I know that you get 145 tickets a month doing all the sources but it’s not about maxing out the number of tickets.

      It’s about doing the least amount of work for at least 90 tickets to get 1 pet on one character 6 times to equal all the pets so that you’ll have them all come time for account wide pets.

      The artifact turn ins is 85, unless my math is wrong, I counted it in game when I did it, and it came out to 85, I’ll run the numbers again if you feel that is wrong. You can’t get 40 tickets from dailies, that is a bug and doesn’t always work and I don’t recommend or support exploits being used in the game. So no you can only get 35 a month from dailies.

      I found where my mistake was, and it was a simple error, it was early today and someone pointed out that I forgot to add first aid. So I hadn’t counted it,

      tickets each for a total of 6. At the end of each month doing all your profession quests will give you 12 tickets total.

      You can see where I clearly had made my mistake. I updated the last number 12 when it was 17 before, over changing it to 20 and not the first number to 12, so you can see it was a simple mistake not a match error.

      Looking more into my math error, the total number you can get from artifacts is 80 not 85, I must have counted one of the pvp ones twice for that to happen. So sorry for the mix up there.

      80 + 20 = 100 tickets, leaving you with 10 tickets left over. Even with my simple match error, you still have enough tickets, and I didn’t even count doing the Test Your Strength quest which is rather easy to farm up in about 10 or 20mins, which is another 10 tickets. Plus if someone really wants to max-out their tickets they will.

      This was just a quick guide to get the all the pets in one faire week. You’ll have to max out your tickets every month to be able to get the mounts or get the gear, which you can if you have 10 characters get all of them anyways (10 of every set pre month).

  4. Ooops, and I even forgot another source. If you take the once per week kill quest at the Faire and turn it in the same week you get another 10 tickets.

    So, 155 tickets available per week if you want to spend the time.

  5. Ok, here’s the deal… I do this almost every month on my alts cause they’re all below level 30 except 2 and that’s how I got heirlooms for all of them. First, you train up to level 75 in two primary professions like skinning and herbalism (check wowhead if you don’t believe me, I’m sure the quest is available at skill level 75). You do the quests for those two professions (8 tickets, 4 each) and then drop the professions like a bad PUG. Then, you learn another two (totally different) professions like blacksmithing and mining and train them up to level 75. Do the quests for the two new professions (8 more tickets), drop, rinse and repeat until you’ve done all 11 primary profession quests (44 total tickets). I know it’s not ideal if you have, for instance, jewelcrafting or enchanting leveled to 525. But you just have to choose then what’s more important to you, a maxed out skill or DMF tickets. As far as cost, depending on the server, it will cost you about 5k if you buy the mats outright for each character you choose to do this with. If you plan ahead, though (which is what I did when I was “heirloom farming”) you can gather all the mats in the few weeks prior to DMF and be ready to relearn your profs as soon as DMF hits. The math’s not wrong, the over simplified explanation was just misunderstood.

    1. You are much better off just leveling your characters then dropping professions. Again I see where your coming from it’s just not ideal nor recommended. Your wasting gold by doing that. Also I wouldn’t buy Heirlooms from the Darkmoon faire, they cost more then if you where to just farm honor which is the best way then running 5-man content. At least for me it has shown to be.

      I looked it up and I guess you do need to be 75 to get the quests. Still, if it cost you 5k per profession to level it back up.. that is just a waste of gold if you ask me.

  6. It cost me 5k total for every prof. Not 5k for each. At the time of doing this, all my rooms were low level and I couldn’t grind the honor or JP so this was best for me. I think even now with my main at 85 it’s faster to get heirlooms this way. But that’s just my humble opinion for what it’s worth.

    1. LOL yes well everyone has their own way of doing things. I myself have a but load of 85s so for me to drop a profession would just be dang to costly. In 2 hours I can grind out about 3k honor so in a week I could and have pick up most of the chest and shoulders. I tend to not bother with weapons or anything else but I do have one set of everything just about now.

    1. Yeah I know what you mean about that, I’m not the worlds best speller myself. So I tend to use a spell/grammar checking when I write and it some times likes to change words to something else. Like for some reason it changed Faire to fair as if Google doesn’t know what that is. lol NO matter how many times I tell it to add, it just wont do it.

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