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Today’s post was written in a submission to Gold Blogging Carnivals, over at Colds Gold Factory. The subject was to compare and contrast two different markets and how you would go about to handle those markets. Now I use to do these kind of posts back when JMTC was around back on in the day. Yeah I’ve been around that long, while that blog is gone now and I haven’t done these kind of carnival posts since. I figure I jump back into it this month.

In the every day World of Warcraft you can find yourself looking at a market and asking yourself a simple question. Can I apply what I’ve learned here to another market? This is a question I often times ask myself. Some example markets where you could compare together are Gems and Glyphs. All of which are needed, all of which can play the undercut war and all of which can sell for a good profit.

But they are all different markets. Lets take a look at Gems and the Jewelcrafting market and how it’s different from Glyphs.


The gem market can be pretty cutthroat, depending on what server your on and what day of the week it is. For most people, this cutthroat of undercutting happens on a Tuesday and generally goes into the next few days but not as bad as the first day.

The question is why and to understand the demand of gems is to understand who you are selling too. When you think of doing the whole, posting gems, waiting for undercuts and reposting, can be costly. Trust me I’ve done this and you end up losing more to auction house fees then you end up making. Gems simple is that market you post them up and let the demand outsell the undercuts, you sell less this way, but you make more.


The main bad boy of the market is the old Glyph, how I hate you Glyph… its one of those markets like the Gem market can be cutthroat. However unlike gems, which only see such demand on Tuesday, Glyphs are all year round. Everyday, every hour.. you can camp, you can undercut, you can cancel and repost.

You can end up doing this over and over every 10 minutes and even if you end up reposting the same glyph 10 times in one day and sell it, you still walk away with profit.. lots of lost time but profit either way. This is just a design of the game, Gems have a high posting fee, Glyphs don’t.

Your Strategy

So when you look and compare the two, my overall strategy when it comes to how I deal with the two markets, simple are so different its shocking. First off I end up cutting gems and posting them about 5 to 10 each. Most cases I’ll post them early on Tuesday Morning, either before the reset or after servers come back online.

I’ll post them at the lowest price at the moment and leave them on 48 hours. I do not cancel gems at all, even if I get undercut to hell, the posting fees simply make the whole cancel reposting deal not worth it. If by some chance I know I’ll be able to play a lot in that day or next few days I’ll post at only 12 hours. Ideal 12 hours is best because it’s the lowest cost in fees.

With Glyphs the Strategy is much different. First off, I can cancel repost them if I want, even if I post them at 48 hours, it doesn’t hurt much. My posting fee for all my glyphs are generally around 10g, where gems cost me up to 500g if not more (posting at 48 hours).

Overall, I find that while both markets are the same in demand, the days, the times and matter of how you make the gold with each can be so different you almost can’t compare them at all. If there was one thing I learn about the two markets and can take away and move into another market. It’s to not just understand who you are selling too, as a reminder of buying low and selling normal. The change in that guard can be from day-to-day, hour to hour.

While resetting a market can be idea in some cases, can be costly, where I could reset the Glyph market a number of times a day, doing that would gems would cost you in the long run. You have to look at what you’re doing, and just don’t craft and post and cancel and repost thinking, you need to be the lowest price. With Glyphs, yeah I’d agree you need to be, gems no. You can still make gold even if you’re not the lowest price and that is how the two are different.

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2 thoughts on “Compare & Contrast Art of the Gold”

  1. I’m a baby goldmaker, trying to learn the ropes. I like this post. Reminds me to keep my eyes open for things. Unfortunately my server’s economy crashes every weekend, builds the prices back up, and then they crash again Friday night. It’s good for snapping up deals, bad for making piles and piles. At least so far. Hopefully I’ll get better at it.

    1. What markets are you currently dealing in? Sometimes its a good idea to move to another market. Even if it’s vendor items. As long as you buy low and sell normal or high which ever way you put it. And keep your total spending down you should slowly build up gold.

      I’ve run into that issue myself as of late, leveling alts, buying gear and items for them, leveling professions and stockpiling has lower my gold take. I sure I make the same amount I was making before, even when I’m not crafting anything but really some pvp gear. But I’m spending it all too.

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