More Battle Pets

Over the last week I’ve mostly been playing Pet Battles when I do. I’m doing some gold making, however with not having Mist or access to the new content, professions, etc it’s very hard to report on whats new and hot on those fronts.

On the side note of hunters, again I haven’t had much time to really focus in on whats new and whats going on. I can tell you playing at level 85 as a twink is rather fun in pvp. Given I have all the last seasons pvp gear and most people at 85 now are in leveling gear. The idea of a twink at 85 is a rather cool idea right now.

For those of you who still follow my blog, sorry I haven’t been posting information that you’ve more than likely have been looking to get from this blog. Maybe after the first of the year when I start college and work less I’ll have time again.

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