Back?! 20 Days of Gold Making

goldblogToday marks my 100th post, so I’m going to talk about a post I saw over on Auction House Addict, a blog written by Nev, it’s called 20 Days of Gold Making. When I first read it just a few days ago I thought to myself. Oh one of those make gold in 20 days or something with a list of what you can or can’t do. Well it was just 20 days of questions to answer.

Some people I’ve seen doing it have answer them all, some haven’t. So each week I would write about one of the questions. I think it’ll give me some good content to write about, topics for me and for you to read. Also it sort of fits into what I wanted to write about anyways.

Basically that’s what’s going to be going on over the next few weeks. Given how often I’ve been posting at the end of this month, meaning it’ll take a few days. I think this is good because I’ll have some good time to think of what to write and get update on changes to the game, my class and the community.

So let’s start it off shall we? First…

1. When did you start gold making & what triggered it?

focushotThis is likely a question that everyone had answer with the basic answer. Why? Simply because I didn’t want to have to grind months to get my epic flying mount!

The story starts back when I was leveling my first character, which was a Night Elf Hunter at the time. Well I ever had enough gold. I never played the Auction House, in fact I was sort of afraid to do it that and didn’t understand why anyone would buy anything when you could find it in-game for free. Let me tell you, did I ever learn better.

I think my story on how I start gold making is pretty simple, I started looking online for ‘quick ways to make gold’. I didn’t want to cheat or use hacks, but let me tell you I came across some. Until I came across this video by WOWHobbs about farming. So I suppose the person I have to give credit to for getting me into gold making was him.

Now the website that got me really into it was, JMTC, which I started reading daily and even paid for the guide after 5 months of my own work in gold making. I was happy because I was able to make the 5 something k of gold in a week vs the month it took me to farming and vendoring in Ice Crown I did to get my epic flying mount back in Wrath of the Lich King. Talk about too much work for too little!

The next person I have to say that help me get into gold making and this person got me into add-ons and most of all Quick Auctions 3 was WoW Confidential. This was my first dive into professions. I never did do anything beyond my main hunter and the professions I had been mining and engineering.

engineering-flying-mountNot to say I didn’t understand them, I gain much about them from JMTC and other places, but this guy show me how to do this stuff and that was when I started slowly diving into making Alts and was when I level my DK to level 75 and put Inscription on my Death Knight which I still have to this day. That was when I made my first 10,000 gold and since then, I’ve been making about 6k to 12k per day and likely spending 50% of it weekly. So do the math I’ve hit gold cap in spending 5 times over in the last 4 years.

Follow me every Tuesday when I write-up the next entry to 20 days of gold making. Big thanks again to Nev (@NevAHAddict) of Auction House Addict for the posting idea and for all the followers of Hunter Mastery. Yes, in case you looking at your reader and scratching your head. I’m Back!


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