Website Update

Greeting everyone, I just wanted to drop a small update to everyone. Currently I’m working on putting together Hunter Mastery and bring it up to my current standard in building websites. In that time until the lunch in May the website will at times of the day look funny or not work as it should. That is because I’m working on pages and layouts which currently do not match the 2015 theme that is being used. However for myself I’m seeing the new theme but I will try to revert changes made so the website is still usable for you until the lunch in May. I have not yet decided when I’ll release the new Hunter Mastery.

When this happens however there will be updates every day on Hunter Mastery, covering all Blizzard Games in some matter or another. Also the YouTube Channel will start getting updates again. In fact I have a list of videos coming out the next few days. You can check out the new one below. Until then everyone take care and I look forward to the future of Hunter Mastery.

Happy Turkey day Hunters!

Hello everyone, Focushot here again, as you all know me I never go too long without some sort of update. It’s been a crazy month, Blizcon Legion Alpha is out now. Sadly I didn’t get in and likely wont until Beta. I want to let everyone know that I’m not dead. Yes I know my last update said the same thing and I also said I was going to talk about my reactions to Blizcon as well. To be honest things got crazy and I forgot to write about it. At this point I think I’ve missed that ship and it’s time to just move on from it.

But hey I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my America Readers out there and of course that means we’re gonna go hunting for some turkey to eat! Yum. In any case I hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Things are in the process of coming together here. I have made plans to keep myself going on this website, long my other project for my new Hearthstone website. In case you’ve wondered what happen to that content.


In news for World of Warcraft still making gold not really as much as I use to make in the old days as I’ve slow down on how much time I’m really playing. Mostly this is due to playing other games like Hearthstone, etc. Time is money and so I have to keep focused and use my time wisely so that you the reader get the most out of things. I’m really working to build this website back up to the moment of glory I was coming too. I made mistakes, we all do as we’re only human.

I’ll be honest I really am loving the changes coming to Hunters, I like how they are allowing us to just have all our specs at will, I like that they are making each one different, even know I might not agree with some of the changes being done I think it’s a good thing for the game and the class. Gold making wise I haven’t heard anything more than some profession UI changes but nothing in terms of what they are doing. I guess Glyphs are going away and becoming something else or something? I’ll need to check more into that one.

For those of you who want to play with me, chat with me about WoW or any other released game be sure to follow me on Twitter @HunterMastery and don’t forget my BattleTag is HunterMaster#1644 so don’t be afraid to add me! As always thanks for reading Hunter Mastery and I’ll see you next time.

Not Dead! BlizzCon, Future

Well I think for the most part everyone or anyone who read Hunter Mastery might have thought I was dead. I’ll tell you what, the last three months have been very hard for me. I moved back to my home state and it just didn’t work the way I’d hope. Everything sort of became flipped up on its head and I had no choice but to move back to Sioux Falls. Honestly it was the best choice I could have made moving back as I feel happy here and feel I have more creative control and support from my new family than I ever did from my family itself.

That being said, BlizzCon!

Yeah I was really late in getting my ticket and honest I might not have really had the money. The last two weeks has been dealing with family drama, packing after I made the choice to move back and then when all said and done it took almost four days with the weather to get back. I’m about 80% unpacked now after two and half days of dealing with moving and everything. In that time I’ve got the feels again to play WoW again.

With all the news that came about WoW at this year’s BlizzCon I couldn’t even cover it all in this post today. Mostly because it’s super late at the time of writing this and I have a busy day of life again. However I want everyone to know that I’m not dead and likely in the next few days will be turning my account back on. On point here is a short list of what I have going on.

  • New Hearthstone site (all content here about it is now gone)
  • Shorter posts and more often here about Hunters and Gold
  • Looking for Gold Maker Writers
  • More content to come!

For now that is all, leave me a comment and hopefully the whole YouTube/Streaming will come into the picture in the future for me. Yes I shall be writing more about this years BlizzCon Soon!

Gold Making With Inscription Update

Hey everyone, it’s time for an update on my gold progression with Inscription, which I have some well bad news all the way around. First off, we’re not close to the end of my challenge yet and well changes are I wont be hitting that goal and I now officially see the challenge as over and that it failed. There are some reasons for this and I’d like to upfront say I’m sorry to anyone who was following the progress. There are some reasons for all of this happening so I’ll go about and explain which will affect the sort of future of this blog.

Why Gold Making With Inscription Challenge Failed

To be dead honest with you, really once you step away from WoW for a long time frame it’s very hard to jump back in. The thing is other things become more clear and become more fun to do than others. This sort of has happened to me in the last two years as I’ve tried to come back and plan but I have to be dead honest. There really isn’t anything new in the game that I haven’t already done. While I don’t at all think that the game is dead, which seems to be the normal response to people who stop playing for reasons.

PvP is fun but the progression and time it takes to get up there is very long grind. Grinding those PvP points is very hard to do and at this late in Warlords I find that it’s simply not worth it. I’m not a raider, while I love to see the content I simply don’t have the time to see it. To be honest, I got to see the Lich King before the end of Wrath, I didn’t down him however until the patch hit with all the new stuff so in truth it wasn’t Wrath anymore. To be honest, I should have stopped playing then but I kept going for a year. I got to see and down Deathwing, the one who destroyed the world. I can’t find any more reasons to play in that area.

All my friends I used to play with have left, I don’t really connect with many people in-game anymore and most of the people I used to follow, read their blogs, etc have also left the game and most of them either stopped playing MMO’s for good or moved to other games. I’ve given Wild Star a shot as well as Star Wars but to be honest, I’ve seen it all before.

Am I Quieting WoW Again?

The truth was I was having some issues making sure I’d log in to do my tasks, I’d forget which put me behind hours of making gold. I was able to break about even on what I started with but as I said, I don’t spend real life money on the game anymore. I’ve spent so much money in the last 5 years on this game. Buying mounts, pets, Blizzard Tickets for the in-game stuff, the game itself and that’s not even counting the name changes, RAF accounts I had and paid for, the faction and race changes, server moves, etc. It really was a whole lot of money when I look back. So to be dead honest right now I think the cost to play the game for free, 30,000 gold is a bit too high really. Not when a month ago it was 22,000 gold.


In the end I think it’s best that I cut off my time playing WoW now, I’ll come back when Legion comes out, if I get into Beta I’ll totally be doing content for that and testing the game out, but right now there just isn’t much more I really want to do, even the things I didn’t get done is really just kind of lack luster really. I’ve been enjoying myself playing other games, like Hearthstone, Clash of Clans and of course I’m thinking about playing a mobile MMO. It’s really not a big deal because not too many people these days come by to check out my content for WoW as much as they do for Hearthstone now and many people take breaks from WoW and come back for patches or when something new they’d like came out.

Go for the Throat!

YouTube Relaunch

It’s been an uphill battle for me when it comes to YouTube. I started YouTube back in 2004 with my first channel but that didn’t last too long. Mostly due to not having the right hardware or drive to do it. Most of the issues I’ve had been talking on mic. I feel silly and feel as if I sound really stupid. Even know my podcast I did seem to get some good feedback, even know it was only two episodes before I stopped doing it.

YouTube has been something I’ve been trying a number of times, I almost feel like I should start a new Hunter Mastery channel due to having so many random videos, having videos with different logos, content and what not due to moving to Majin Planet like I did and then back. Which I do feel hurt me more than was helping me. If you’d like to know more about that, I might write a full post on my personal blog about it.

In any case I feel that I really want to do YouTube and no matter how I go about doing it, saying I’ll do one video a week or a video every day, just doesn’t seem like I can stick to it. I feel like some times I have no support. I find that when I did make videos, they where just boring and no one liked them. That is why I feel I need to refocus on what I’m going to be doing on YouTube as Hunter Mastery.

YouTube New Goals

hqdefaultMy new goal on YouTube is to make you laugh, that means I’ll be making some cool videos, not just game play, don’t get me wrong the videos will be game play but I’ll be mixing things up a bit. I have been inspired by a few YouTubers that I follow and to be honest I think I can make something great. I’m hoping tomorrow when I get home from work to start work on the new focus. When I’ll have a new video well is something I’m not sure when that will happen. I don’t want to rush into anything now. I want to have a clear focused format before I even record anything. I do want to make videos often, as often as I can, let that be daily, every other day, weekly. I don’t want to go longer than a few days to be honest.

There are things in my life I feel I’ve done to make people laugh but I always seem to be afraid of what people will say. I feel I can be myself now, even know it’s still gonna take time for me to get use to doing it. Really it has nothing to do with people posting I suck, it’s something just in my head. I want things to be perfect and I dream more about it happening than making it happen.

That being said, I want to thank those who have supported and followed me in the last few years. I plan on really making myself different, I can tell you that my videos will be Hearthstone related, for now as I enjoy playing Hearthstone and it has both things I love, Warcraft and card games.

I do have passion about this, I have some ideas in my head even as I’m writing this, I don’t want to make money like well yes I think I need to be real here. I want to make the same money I’m making now working a 9 to 5 job. I think we all want to be able to do that doing what we love. But to be honest I have to earn that. I’ll still be kicking out stuff here on Hunter Mastery, while I’ll talk about Hunters in WoW still, I will shift my focus more to Hearthstone for the time being. I have thought about doing more Diablo 3 content but I just don’t have too much drive to play it.

YouTube-Logo-Statistics-MediaAs for my project challenge I talked about, I’m still doing that so don’t worry about that. I haven’t been keeping good track, but starting tomorrow I will and I’ll update everyone with that information then. Until then I’m going to keep making just great content. I want to help players get better not just in-game but also in real life. I want to be the go-to-website for Hunters, even as games move on, yes right now I’m all about Blizzard but maybe one day something new will come along I like too. Hunter Mastery will always be about making the money and playing Hunters.

Until then, be sure to check out The Asylum Community, I’m still in the works of making it awesome as it was a few years ago. I could use some needed help getting some discussion. If you have any questions or ideas for my YouTube Channel Relaunch be sure to leave them in the comments down below.

Go for the Throat!

A friend in Need

Course if you’ve been following me on Twitter or Facebook then you’ll be aware of a donation drive I’m currently taking up. For those of you wondering I’m trying to raise money for a former co-worker I worked with at my old job I transferred from.

Like me he has a sick wife who has a lot of medical issues. As a result he has to take care of her, work, etc. But unlike me he has kids, and that makes things harder.

Help when needed

The fact is he’s not asking, his father in-law is starting a GoFundMe page for his family to help him out. She has been so sick as of late he has lost over two weeks of work and likely more to count. He’s tap out of funds.

Me and my friend had a great time talking on overnight about marvel films, etc. In fact we where planning to write a pilot for our own X Men web series. But with family and all that has been hard to do.

I found out about what going on from another former coworker about is. Being I care about people, I told him I’d do all I am able to do.

So in asking if you would donate to anything will help. 100% of everything will go to his family and as soon as I get the link to the page I’ll share it so you can donate to him directly using the GoFundMe page.

Until then I decided to start getting as much as I could. Every bit helps. You don’t have to donate and if you don’t wish too or unable its no harm. I don’t have anything to offer for doing this other than just being a good human being.

Hunters are the best class in all games, and I feel the community is the best I’ve been in. I hope that I can see Hunters rise up and help a former gamer out.

Go for the Throat.

Gold Making Hunter Style!